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Cough without fever: how dangerous it is and how to treat

Кашель без температуры: насколько он опасен и как лечитьWhat causes a cough without fever.

We are talking about a constant cough, not a single case, or smoker’s cough.

This cough does not occur by itself, but is a consequence of bacterial or viral infection. Why is manifested cough without fever and what to do with it, read this article.


Often the cough persists after the cold. This means that you are not recovered. But where’s the heat? Eat it not, then, a weakened immune system does not fight the agents of s and he urgently needed help. Deep chronic cough that remains after acute respiratory illness suggests that inflammation of the upper respiratory tract has moved to the bottom. And this is a threat bronchitis, pneumonia, chronic pharyngitis or laryngitis.

There are also several other causes of cough without fever:

Allergies. The cough may be the reason for allergic reactions to plants, animals, household chemicals, dust, dust mites and other allergens. If you do not eliminate the cause, a cough can become persistent and can develop into a serious illness – obstructive bronchitis or bronchial asthma.

Whooping cough. This infectious disease is caused by a stick Bordetella (Bordetella pertussis) and characterized by constant dry cough. In the first 5-7 days after being hit by a stick in the body, it really can occur without fever. And only when the disease progresses, temperature increases, and the cough becomes paroxysmal. Pertussis is often confused with colds or bronchitis.

Foreign object in the Airways. Asthma attacks are caused by a foreign body in the respiratory tract, often accompanied by a characteristic cough. In this case, it is necessary to apply the Heimlich maneuver and call an ambulance.

Dry air. Reduced humidity in the room may also be a cause of cough without fever.

Smoking and passive Smoking. Coughing while Smoking cause chemical substances in cigarettes, like argon, hydrogen cyanide, methane, formaldehyde, acetone, heavy metals, and at least another 4 thousand toxins. Surprised cough as a natural reaction of the organism to such an aggressive agents, it is not necessary. After long Smoking, a protective cover of the bronchi is affected, they are beginning to settle resin and other toxic substances. Over time, this can lead to non-infectious bronchitis and even lung cancer.

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Wet (wet) and dry cough without fever may appear due to some very serious diseases:

Pharyngitis. In hypertrophic chronic pharyngitis is pharyngeal mucosa grows and stands out viscous sputum discharge bad. Depending on the origin of pharyngitis, phlegm can be transparent, cheesy or purulent.

Ringaringa. The disease causes rhinovirus infection. In cases of cough without fever accompanied by sore throat, nasal congestion, sneezing, headache and runny nose.

Atrophic pharyngitis. In chronic atrophic pharyngitis is caused by a dry cough, accompanied by sore throat. If time does not eliminate the cause of the disease, the cough is barking, and leads to osiplosti head or total (temporary) loss.

Bronchitis. Persistent cough without fever may indicate chronic bronchitis or bronchial asthma. First, a dry cough, but over time begins to stand out a large amount of purulent sputum with impurity.

Flu. In the case of flu, the cough is often accompanied by high temperature, but there are exceptions. With plenty of stands out clear phlegm.

Pneumonia. Pneumonia often begins with a wet cough with blood streaks, and then sharply rising temperatures.

TB. Prodolzhitelnym cough without fever may indicate tuberculosis bronchogenic, and coughing up blood – about the beginning of focal tuberculosis of the lungs.

Laryngitis. With low body resistance can appear cough without fever and laryngitis. The case is quite rare, but very dangerous. For example, if in time not to diagnose and not to treat stenosing laryngitis, there is swelling of the larynx and asphyxiation occurs.


Elimination of prolonged cough without fever begins with identifying its causes. For this purpose, such methods of diagnostics as:

General analysis of blood;



x-rays of the chest;

bronchodilation tests.

If the cause of the cough weavile not successful, are assigned additional diagnostic methods:

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immunological studies for the detection of atypical pathogens;

computed tomography;

ECG (echocardiography);

bronchoscopy etc.

Thus, one can identify allergic and infectious diseases, foreign bodies and other causes of cough. After that, the doctor goes to the choice of tactics of treatment.

Drug therapy (depending on causes) include:


antiviral drugs;

antifungal agents;

treatment with antibiotics;

the appointment of anti-inflammatory drugs;


antiallergic drugs;

bronchodilatatory and bronchodilator.

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Treatment of prolonged cough without fever should be under a doctor’s supervision. Folk remedies can be used as subsidiary therapy. For this purpose, compresses, herbal infusions or teas.


Compress on the chest helps remove phlegm from the lungs and facilitate a speedy recovery:

The first yellow card. A tablespoon of mustard powder mix with honey and radiochem juice. Put the mixture in a cheesecloth, tie a woolen scarf, attach to the chest and take cover.

Med. It is necessary to spread the chest liquid honey and cover with parchment. If needed, the solid honey can be heated.

Oil. Heat vegetable oil to room temperature and dip a towel in it. Wrap a thorax, wrap it with parchment and soak in the warmth for about an hour.

Potatoes. Mashed potatoes mix with the diluted alcohol, and divide into two parts. Place the contents in packages and apply them to the chest and back to warm light.


Herbal teas, herbal decoctions and tinctures against cough can be prepared based on these ingredients:

Linden flowers;

plantain leaves;

the roots of marshmallow;



mother and stepmother;


the oak bark.

Breast fees can be purchased at the pharmacy, or prepare your own. For the broth dry ingredients are mixed, pour boiling water and infuse for 2 hours. Drink half a Cup twice a day.

Tea is less time consuming and requires steaming for at least 5 minutes.

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