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Cough during pregnancy: how to treat

Кашель во время беременности: как лечитьThere are 8 tips that will help the woman avoid the serious consequences of the disease.

To quickly and without exacerbations to treat a cough, a pregnant woman needs to follow a few recommendations.

About them told certified doula, leading courses “Happy parenting”, breastfeeding consultant, an instructor in preparation for childbirth Tamara Andreeva.

According to her, coughing a pregnant woman is recommended to talk less, do not eat cold food and to stay in bed.

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In particular, Andreev gives the following tips:

1. Try to speak as little as possible, don’t raise your voice, but not whispering – that when napryagayutsya even more.

2. Rest.

3. Do not eat cold food.

4. Back, arms, chest and legs to keep warm.

5. Drink plenty of warm fluids.

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6. Breathe cautiously.

7. Before sleep drink warm milk with a and butter.

8. In severe attacks of cough, take a deep breath, while raising his hands up.

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