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“Cotton candy” Kseniya Sobchak criticized the musical “La La land”


After the triumph of the movie musical “La La land” on the “Golden globe” film critics, stars and viewers predict his victory in the main film award “Oscar”.

However, the TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak did not agree with the majority opinion and does not understand why this film received rave reviews.

Ryan Gosling and Emma stone
Frame from the movie “La-La land

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Ksenia, together with her husband Maxim Vitorgan went to see the picture, because all the friends and colleagues advised the film with one voice.

After watching the musical Sobchak wrote a scathing review: “I’m confused. All my friends are obsessed with this movie. Mamut arranges a private screening, Druyan pays personal money (itself an oxymoron) to show my friends this movie, and even Rodnyansky, which gives our family the priceless kinokomedii (and you, Brutus?), called it a powerful and predicted unimaginable victory.

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I was bored. Almost to the end. The film is a little revived, just when Ryan Gosling finally got a job, but in General it’s just a really beautifully filmed teen Hollywood story. With extremely unlikable and non-pedigreed Emma stone. All glossy, sticky and does not cause any emotions and empathy” (Spelling and punctuation authors hereinafter. — Approx. ed.).


Xenia admitted that he did not expect so many accolades from such serious people, “But how, how, people keen on large, complex movie can praise this candy floss”.

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By the way, Maxim remained dissatisfied with game of Ryan Gosling and Emma stone: “I don’t write about “La La land” and remember kinomyuzikla such as “grease,” “Jesus Christ superstar”, “West side story”, “umbrellas of Cherbourg” and even, God forgive me, just I see I such a bad day, “Moulin Rouge” “Chicago”. Thanks to the creators of these lovely works from a person who dislikes musicals as a genre. <…> And say no more. And then there was silence. Deathly. Dead,” Vitorgan wrote in his Instagram.


Recently released in Russia, “La La land” became one of the leaders of the box office.

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