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Cossacks wrote a letter to the Consul of China

Казаки написали письмо консулу Китая

As reported by Ural Ataman Gennady Kovalev to coordinate actions, they will contact the Consulate of China in Russia

A social order articulated by the Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin to prevent “the spread” of the novel coronavirus in Russia, one of the first heard and realized the Ural Cossacks with their Ataman Gennady Kovalev.

Cossacks established the mobilization reserves of the so-called “quarantine Cossack patrols” are ready to serve in emergencies and GO.

Their experience has been successfully disseminated in all regions of Russia.

The Council of Atamans of Russia expresses its gratitude to the Ural Cossacks and personally Chieftain Gennady Kovalev.

According to the Cossack Intelligence, unscrupulous entrepreneurs can take advantage of the situation to displace from the markets of Asian and Chinese businessmen, which in the preventive purposes are places of residence on samararatne.

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The Cossacks will take the protection of their trading places and organize centralized procurement of food products and their delivery to the place of residence of the Chinese.

As reported by Ural Ataman Gennady Kovalev to coordinate actions, they will contact the Consulate of China in Russia.

In the Sverdlovsk region is one of the largest diasporas of Chinese in Russia and certainly this help of the Cossacks a huge deterrent of rasprostraneniia of coronavirus.

On the new coronavirus, China announced late last year. The number of deaths from the new coronavirus has reached 362 people, more than 17.3 thousand people infected. He appeared, presumably at the seafood market in Wuhan city, where illegally traded wildlife. Doctors noted that the virus causes pneumonia and is transmitted from person to person.

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Cases of infection were also recorded including the USA, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, France and Finland. The world health organization announced occurring medical emergency situation of international importance.

Because of the coronavirus Russia has suspended railway communication with China and limited air transportation: an exception was made for the four regular flights of “Aeroflot”, as well as regular flights to four Chinese companies in Moscow. Russia also canceled the visa regime with China for tourist groups and has stopped issuing work visas to the citizens of this country.

Valery Rozanov Coordinator Of The National Service Cossack Information


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