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Cosmetologists have warned about the dangers of hygienic lipstick

Косметологи предупредили об опасности гигиенической помадыDry chapped lips – who is not experienced with this during the winter?

What to do, the problem frequent. And the producers be, on the shelves there are hundreds of variants “of gunnucek”, which promise relief of your suffering.

Hygienic lipstick often look glamorous, and smell attractive – but they can also contain components, for which your problem will only get worse.

How to avoid mistakes when choosing protection for the lips?

First: focus on the combination of additives hydrants that moisturize. The “killer” among them – this Shea butter and evening primrose oil.

Second: make sure that the composition was of the substance that the moisture is able to retain, that is, create a kind of protective layer. This group includes beeswax, petroleum jelly, cosmetic paraffin. There’s more fat, but this is not our choice, right?

So, the first two factors when choosing a lip balm is its ability to moisturize and retain moisture. But there are a few not so important, but still desirable requirements, read about them below.

Third: protection from ultraviolet radiation. The ability to protect from the sun’s rays on the balm is indicated by the marked SPF (protection factor from harmful radiation rays).

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If you don’t have SPF balm, and a shop to run too lazy, try this trick: first, apply to lips your usual lipstick, and on top – a thin layer of sunscreen. First aid will fit perfectly!

Fourth: check the ingredients on the components that can cause irritation and provoke allergic reaction. These are best avoided. What exactly falls under this concept?

The smell

Aroma of flowers, citrus and exotic fruits and even the taste of chewing gum, which can remind us of childhood. It’s nice of course, but nostalgia in this case is not the case. As a rule, such a bright smelling scents and cause problems.

Most often irritation cause substances called cinnamates, which are added to formulations because of their attractive smell, but also because they act as sun blockers. However, sometimes, and very often, they can cause irritation and even an allergic reaction to light.

Phenol or menthol

Although these components and promise hydration and even treatment, do not be deceived. Experts recommend that these substances are best avoided. In the winter, at least, for sure. Because in fact, these products can cause irritation to the lips and enhance their sensitivity.

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Vitamin E

How many odes written to this vitamin, how many songs are put: and he heals, and moisturizes, and the beauty is you can do… However for experts this vitamin often leads to legal disputes and disagreement. Some studies show that often the funds from this component cause allergic reactions. Opponents of the frequent use of vitamin E suggest as good alternatives to use products with beeswax, it has the same property, that is, keeps lips moisturized while achieves this without the risk of irritation.

By the WAY

Chapstick is good as long as helps to cope with a temporary (again – time!) discomfort in the mouth. Otherwise, you can say that you have a problem. And that problem is not only the dryness of the lips. This is a real addiction.

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