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Cosmetologists are reminded how to care for your skin in autumn

Косметологи напомнили, как ухаживать за кожей осеньюIt’s time to prepare for the upcoming fall.

During the long hot summer your skin has experienced a lot of stress, and in autumn there are more of them – in the form of cold, wind, temperature changes and so on. That is why on the eve of the onset of cold weather must be acquainted with the main rules of care of a skin, which will help it stay healthy and radiant.

Scrubs and peels

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It is recommended to use scrubs or peels to align the colors of the skin and prevent peeling in the winter. Another advantage of such procedures – after their cosmetic products penetrate deeper into the skin, which helps it to recover in a short time. It is recommended to start doing treatments in October, since then the sun becomes less active. If you want to start in September, use products with high SPF.

Water balance

Over the summer your skin has lost large amount of fluid, therefore with the onset of autumn it is necessary to restore balance. To do this, use creams ideal for your skin type. The main rule – do not use moisturizers before going outside: if your skin suffers from dehydration, apply the cream before bedtime.


Since autumn is the season of apples, we recommend a recipe for a natural moisturizing mask on the basis of this fruit. Take the pulp of a quarter of an Apple and grate on a fine grater. Add a teaspoon of homemade sour cream and a few drops of olive oil. The resulting mixture was put on thoroughly cleansed face and leave for 15-20 minutes. After – wash with warm water and apply a moisturizer.

Proper care

Those little cosmetics that you used in summer, autumn become ineffective. In the cold season, replace all light resources in a more dense, for example, the fluid – creamy Foundation funds glosses – lipsticks and so on. This will help protect your face from the first winds. Also with the onset of autumn it is recommended to forget about the funds on the basis of alcohol, because they dry the skin, which in cold seasons is simply unacceptable.

Sun protection

When summer is over, many women think that it is now possible to abandon sunscreen. However, it is not so: to protect the skin of the face needs all year round, just in the fall and winter you need to use cosmetics with lower SPF.

Salon treatments

If you want to pamper the skin in the fall, do yourself a chemical peel – it will help get rid of dead skin, to cope with small flaws, and even facial wrinkles.

Proper nutrition

That you have not touched any skin problems or seasonal depression, include in your daily diet more seasonal vegetables, fruits, herbs, fish and meat, and don’t forget to drink plenty of clean water to maintain optimum water balance. But the consumption of coffee, dairy products, nuts, sweets and fried foods should be kept to a minimum.

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