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“Cosmetic fasting”: what is it and what can be helpful

Miranda Kerr

I think we only managed to get used to multistage treatment (Covenant Korean and Japanese experts), as in the world of beauty has a diametrically opposed tendency — skin fasting (“hunger cosmetic”). It involves a complete rejection of serums, creams, lotions, oils and masks. SPLETNIK.RU together with experts understands all the intricacies of fancy trend.

The term “cosmetic fasting” appeared in 2011, and ironically it was introduced Koko Hayashi — the Japanese brand Creator of Mirai Clinical. In his article, he urged women to go to bed without moisturizer during the week. Thus, as asserted by the expert, normalizes the secretion of the sebaceous glands and strengthens the natural protective barrier of skin weakened by excessive cleansing (especially gels and foams with plenty of synthetic ingredients) or excessive diet.

This natural barrier protects your skin not only from dryness but also from any external influences, including UV rays, pollution and sudden temperature changes. As you know, if the defense is weakened, then the skin will appear dark spots, wrinkles and other signs of aging.

When coating certain types of non-porous materials (often contains comedogenic ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulfate) skin’s ability to breathe is reduced.

The skin also produces sebum, consisting of many fatty acids, which help prevent moisture loss. According to some studies, the products for skin care must have a structure similar to the molecular structure of sebum, to ensure the exchange of natural gas. Partly hence arises the idea of “cosmetic of hunger”. That is causing the skin layers beauty products, we do not allow it to “breathe”.

Getting dependent on care products for skin that provide moisturizing, actually reduces the natural system to protect it. Excessive use of cosmetic products disrupts the normal cell renewal which averages every 28 days.

The Japanese monthly studied the regeneration of the skin and has proven that fasting improves the skin condition of the skin and cleans it from toxins, says Koko Hayashi, Creator of Mirai Clinical Care Care.

The logic is simple. The skin becomes dry because of the large amount of moisturizer she “relaxes” and stops producing its own protective and moisturizing ingredients— boosts the expert.

Dermatologist Justine Hextall explains the meaning of this concept:
The point is, if you stop to care for the skin, it will begin to take care of myself.Also what should I do? You need to wash your face with warm water, do not apply any skin funds and go to bed, and next morning again carefully to wash. Don’t forget to drink lots of water! Remember that hydration is key for healthy skin.

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However, there is no scientific evidence supporting these simple rules. But we live in a world where celery juice, designer vitamins, and the essential oil thrive for many years, and their effectiveness is still in question. But there are a lot of positive reviews online.
At first I was tormented by itching and dryness, but, in the end, I realized that unwittingly used the funds to care for the skin in order to hide the dehydration. I liked the effect, periodically I will put your skin on a “diet,” writes one of the Internet users.

But Natalia Beloglazova, cosmetologist Faceology, opposed the new trend.


Natalia Beloglazova, cosmetologist Faceology

On the skin of a resident of a large city, is affected not only by polluted air on the streets and in the subway, cold and windy weather, dry indoor air, lack of sleep and of fluids, excessive use of makeup, eating excessively salty foods and alcohol, but water, which often contains harmful elements (such as chlorine). All of this affects the appearance of the skin.


Water from-under the crane it is impossible to wash away all impurities, the skin will not be well cleaned, and therefore, the problems will only grow worse. Further neglect in the care of the skin will reduce then: inflammatory cells appear larger because of excess sebum (often due to disorders of the endocrine nature) — is a favorable environment for microbes. Added, and peeling.

The prognosis is not good. According to the expert, from-for violations of lymph and microcirculation in the skin, its condition will only worsen. And even a balanced diet can give the skin all the necessary nutrients, because our skin gets all the trace elements as a residual: in the beginning — all power to all vital organs (heart, brain, lungs, kidneys). Lack of sufficient hydration, as a consequence, may lead to its premature aging.

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There are pathological conditions with skin manifestations, such as endocrine disorders, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, seborrhea, ichthyosis, for which vital special products for the cleansing, care and protection of skin. Under such conditions the “cosmetic starvation” is contraindicated. Neglect means with sunscreen is fraught not only with the development of hyperpigmentation, but also an increased risk of skin cancer (melanoma). It is believed that fasting will help the skin to cope with acne. However, paradoxically, to practice such fasting is not recommended for people with atopic skin, eczema and other conditions where special care is a must.


Elena Pasternak, the head of the medical Department of the official representative in Russia Sesderma

This fashion trend is suitable for people with healthy skin. First: “waterlogged” skin is impossible, because it almost all dehydrated. Secondly, in terms of environmental pollution, especially for residents of large cities, to go out without sunscreen, it is not safe. Another possible side effect is the risk of pigmentation after this “hunger” is very large, plus UV rays and external influences (smog and soot) enhance the effect on skin of free radicals that leads to premature aging.


What can be done to give the leather a little “hungry” and not to bring the skin damage. First, the expert advises to exclude from the cosmetic diet, “hard” means to cleanse. It is better not to use the funds for deep cleansing during the month. Also do not need to use beauty products under the program “layer cake”, namely: tool it on top of the serum, top cream. Leave the “cosmetic menu” can the minimum set of tools for cleansing, moisturizing, antioxidant protection. Funds should be mild in the form of gels, light emulsions or solutions.

Secondly, it is necessary to refuse nutrient dense products. “Cosmetic fasting” should not be done on the background of exacerbation of chronic diseases, acute viral and fungal diseases, as well as enhanced physical, mental stress and stress.

“Cosmetic starvation” will not necessarily give you a complexion like Miranda Kerr, but nothing catastrophic will happen. You may once again make so many jars and tubes, filling Cabinet in the bathroom, in the end, you don’t need.

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