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Cosgrave Petersburg explained the queue of the ambulance the hospital

Комздрав Петербурга объяснил очереди из "скорых" у больниц

.-PETERSBURG, may 2 – RIA Novosti. A queue of ambulances to hospitals where they take patients with the coronavirus caused a new scheme of admission of patients, reported on Saturday by the health Committee of St. Petersburg.

Earlier, several media outlets and social media users have reported a cluster of machines “emergency” that periodically arose at the entrances to some hospitals.

According to first Deputy Prime Minister Andrey sarany, the emergency room of a large hospital can simultaneously take only six to nine patients depending on the number of available observation and the availability of health personnel.


“More patients in the waiting room you can’t fit it for two reasons. First – you need to avoid contact of patients, and second – we can’t leave them without medical supervision. Therefore, patients awaiting admission in the ambulance. In addition, we should not forget about the compulsory disinfection after each patient is like a room in the hospital and the medical staff,” said Saran.

The situation with the availability of beds in hospitals daily, estimates the center for emergency medical evacuation, where round the clock in four doctors and ten dispatchers. The center collects information about upcoming patients and determines which agencies will be sent the maximum flow of patients.



“In an emergency there are two principles of the hospitalization as “short arm” and the standard arrival time to the patient. The experience of the last weeks I can say that the maximum queue of ambulances are observed where the institution is only beginning reception of infectious patients after conversion. For example, when the Alexander Mariinsky hospital ended the construction of sanitary systems and the feeding of oxygen, these hospitals do not receive patients. After completion of the work to them sent the maximum flow of patients,” explained Saran.

According to the city oberstab on Saturday in St. Petersburg 4734 confirmed case of coronavirus, a day identified 323 patients. Recovered 877 people, 33 died.

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