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Coronavirus can greatly bring down the States

Коронавирус может сильно подкосить Штаты

Experts on international relations commented to the Western edition of Foreign Policv. It was about the United States and their leaders position in the modern international arena. It was the outbreak of coronavirus, which was struck around the globe, especially in the States, can strongly negatively affect not only their internal structure, but also to destroy the image of a leader.

The United States, as stated by one of the Harvard professors Joseph Nye, no tools necessary for adaptation to new conditions of existence. The Americans hitherto lived on well-drawn scenario, calibrated in many years, the algorithm that protected them from external threats and internal, while allowing to remain the leaders in international relations. But Covid-19 beguiled all the cards, it’s just that nobody was ready and now it will be a real test for the Americans.

Expert on international relations Stephen Walt thinks that the pandemic will change American politics and Economics turned on its head. Measures taken in the fight against the virus is extremely ineffective.

Now, March 23, in 33 States, thousands of infected, most of them located in new York. And this city is considered the economic capital of the world, there now closed all exchanges, trades moved online, the city declared a state of emergency.

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