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Coronaries: trick or treat?

Коронакризис: кошелек или жизнь?

Payments to 12 thousand on staff salaries rather angry business owners than they really will help, experts say.

The President of the Russian Federation in the next address on the eve of announced new measures to support the business in terms of downtime due to the threat of the spread of coronavirus. In particular, had been promised payments from areas that are officially affected, the payment of minimum wage employees and 12 thousand 130 roubles per person. In addition, Putin expressed the hope that lending will become more accessible, if not less than 75% of the loans on the salaries will be guaranteed by Vnesheconombank. How effective are these measures in these circumstances? - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Ilya Graschenkov, Director of the Center for the development of regional policy:


“12 thousand minus taxes is 8 thousand rubles. That is less than minimum wage and less than minimum wage. And to pay this sum is offered to people who until that time was making more money.

In large cities wages were from 30 to 70 thousand rubles on average. Now: 8 thousand rubles per person, or 16 thousand rubles for a family of two working. Well, it certainly will not starve. But definitely will not allow to compensate for the damage caused by the actions of the authorities in creating a situation of “isolation” and are not imposed state of emergency that would help some businesses to write off all force majeure, to survive and not to close. So, I think that small and medium business such a small amount of rather angry and will lead, probably, to the very strong growth of protest moods in the society.

As for the loan for the payment of salaries, it is effective, I think only large companies that are not going to close. They need loans, but it’s hard to say how guarantee VEB will help to get them. Should help, once the government thinks so. But another business that is more likely to go bankrupt than will gain credits for payment of wages to employees, you don’t need any credit. What to give, if all costs and it is unclear when it will work?

So, I think that will split business into two groups. Major support, and it has something will come up, but small and medium will probably go bankrupt.”

Alexander Guruji, head of the Association of business protection:

Коронакризис: кошелек или жизнь?

“To assess the new support measures, let us look back. From what was announced earlier, practically nothing works. Office of the Commissioner for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs and businessmen from the regions conducted a “test purchase” to obtain credits for salary payments. Participated 158 regional companies has received the support of only six of them. The problem is that too many criteria and, in addition, a large number of business areas affected are not recognised de jure, but in fact their activities have been suspended or severely restricted.

I hope that the proposed measures will benefit a larger number of entrepreneurs. Promised 12 thousand of the minimum wage is, in my opinion, the first measure that can bring real benefits, but there is a fly in the ointment. Question: who will live to see this light time? Those who seek may 1, the money will get closer to June. But it’s now April, and a month of downtime. And need to pay wages for April. Therefore, I believe that measures need to expand, and to follow the path of direct grant assistance to entrepreneurs, to preserve jobs. And to expand the list of those who can help on this count.

About loans and guarantees of VEB, here, says well-known journalist: we watch. After the orders of the President now, the government makes statements in the style of “good and bad COP”. Conditional bad — the Minister of economic development Maxim Reshetnikov said that it is unprofitable for banks to lend to small and medium businesses, because banks lies with the administration. But Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin retorted: the President’s instruction, understand and operate. I hope that this argument — “the President’s instruction” to work and the business will receive real help.”

Alexey Sinelnikov, the political scientist:

Коронакризис: кошелек или жизнь?

“I do not want Vladimir Putin to go for the simple thing and give people money. But it will have to do — want to or not.

We have 60% of the population lives at the expense of the state are government employees, those who had something to do with holograme, etc. Another 10% is the so — called entrepreneurs. The rest — about 30 million people — the precariat, those who have been engaged in the private sector, it hired workers. All this construction, seasonal workers, “Tajik”, “Russian Tajiks”… so they will suffer the most. They often or generally not designed at work, or decorated but has officially receive minimal, or they are open UI, etc. At the time, employers fokusnika who he wanted. And now these people by hook or by crook employers will be expelled, squeeze job.

If the rest of the population has some savings, sources of income related to government, these 30 million in savings have. The market where they could earn reduced. They will have nothing to live on. And they have children to feed. And if the stratum goes berserk, nothing good can be expected. These people need to give money for two to four months while they continue the quarantine. For stability it is necessary.

Human survival is necessary not less than 15 thousand rubles a month. If the five have not turned out of pockets on the “communal”, then a few months to live on this money until the shoes are worn out, etc.

To soothe this stratum two to four months, you will need 450 billion rubles per month, or about 2 trillion rubles in all. And the government, let me remind you, there are 13 trillion rubles of the reserve.

The government now proposes to compensate for the lost income of the entrepreneurs. But why? It is necessary to solve the problems that arise. But the real problem with these 30 million people who yesterday went to work, and tomorrow is not clear what will be doing, and knows what they generally come to mind. The remaining 70% of the population — conscious people, so if you want compliance with quarantine requirements, it is necessary to allocate group of the precariat and pay him off for four months. Otherwise, they will be more expensive to treat, to judge, to plant, to guard…”

Andrei Konoval, orgsummary trade Union of health workers “Action”:

Коронакризис: кошелек или жизнь?

“There is a risk that, despite the promises of the President, working in clinics and hospitals, doctors will receive even lower wages than usual: some areas of care are collapsed, and the clinic simply did not have money and do not provide funds for the payment of regular incentive payments, which make up the lion’s share of the salaries of employees.

The majority of health care workers who are confronted with infected with the coronavirus, also did not receive presidential payments. These doctors are not part of units, which is determined to combat the epidemic.

By order of the Ministry of health from March 19, established that “emergency” must be a list of teams that go on established case of coronavirus or suspected coronavirus. This suggests that either diagnosis has already been confirmed by testing, or have symptoms of SARS or pneumonia in combination with a specific history, which includes the return from abroad or contact with a person flown in from countries considered to be a source of infection or contact with a person who has confirmed the diagnosis. But how a patient can know exactly he was in contact with such persons or not? Since the end of March it is evident that the coronavirus is spreading through the “second or third hand”.
Have already received comments from employers: will pay more if it is later determined that your brigade was sent to this patient, and proportional time worked will be credited a percentage of the due payment amount accordingly to your post… it is Clear that this can be 1 thousand or 500 rubles for a challenge, and, in General, people in the past month will get some penny surcharges. Even though they are at risk, but it is not officially belong to the units that are identified as working with the coronavirus.

Pediatricians, internists go to the call are welcome in a conventional gauze bandages. They also have the potential to become victims and carriers of the virus, but they also are not eligible for additional payments”.

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