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Cords wrote a poem about escorting quarantined and crowed Zhirinovsky

Шнуров написал стихи об эскортницах на карантине и кукарекающем Жириновском

The leader of group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov in obscene poem noted the disappearance of the social networks photos of the resort. The work of a musician published in Instagram.

“Assholes, palm trees, beaches, cars,
Yachts, villas, ***** [pancake], and those
Fotochki with the strange food,
Suddenly disappeared from the networks.
Theatrical productions
Will not show. Type, sorry.
And this story is awkward
It is not on the sea.” - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The musician came to the conclusion that escortsite returned from abroad and sit in quarantine.

“The exhibition, love the paintings
You will not see guys.
The whole escort under quarantine
Come and sit”.

The actor also wrote a poem dedicated to the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky. He had earlier called “singers, barbers and bath attendants” not to meddle in politics. So Zhirinovsky commented on his response to the question about belonging of the Crimea: “ask Him: “our Crimea?” He is silent. All! Where are you going into politics, if we have an amendment made to the Constitution that nobody can talk about the return of some territories and the rejection?”

“The shadow rises from the past century.
The court would be filed, just to be sure,
But no. He crowed from the podium,
Not to forget the old man.”

Cords compared Zhirinovsky with a rooster crowed from the podium, and with the old clown, noting that the policy has expired.

“Feathers dismissed it, equally well.
There was a rise, now began to decline.
Knowing that his time’s up
Old clown jokes at random.
And grimace scare everyone wants
But it was pitiful and pathetic.
Jumps it is still as meaningful
And shows a small mind.”

On 17 March it was reported that the Cords in response to the question about ownership of the Crimea cryptically replied, “Wait and see”. In March, the musician also ridiculed the endorsement of the Constitutional court of the amendments to the Constitution, wrote an obscene poem about the Bulk and dedicated work of the abolition of restrictions on presidential terms of Vladimir Putin.

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