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Cops did the shooting in Mexico: 11 dead

Копы устроили стрельбу в Мексике: 11 погибшихCircumstances are PE are investigated.

As a result of two collisions in the rural area of Acapulco, Guerrero, 11 people were killed.

The conflict arose after the local public police, whose actions sanctioned by the authorities, detained the young man, violating public order at a local festival.

Reportedly there were two clashes.

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“In the first case, the collision occurred between the police, local communities and armed men. The second — between the state and public police,” — noted in the message.

In the first fight, 8 people died, and the second — three. The second skirmish was the result of the attempts of the state police to disarm the members of the first skirmishes.

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