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Cooperation with the IMF has a devastating effect on the economy.

Сотрудничество Украины с МВФ имеет разрушительный эффект для экономики, - экспертAlternatively he offers to pay attention to the BRICS countries.

Cooperation with the IMF has a devastating effect on the economy, and therefore the country should refuse to perform the terms of the trust and to seek alternative sources for borrowing.

This was stated by senior researcher Institute of Economics national Academy of Sciences, Vice-President of the Center for economic development Alexander Kaushik.

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“IMF experts have very little idea of what is really happening in the Ukrainian economy, and often give advice that only hurt. Cooperation with the IMF pushes the country into crisis and deepened it”, – the expert believes.

In his opinion, the main task of Ukraine now is to restore economic growth, however, everything that offers a Foundation aimed against it.

“Balancing the budget is, of course, good challenge, but in the same Europe there are huge deficits. We it turns out that constantly being cut social spending and freeze wages, limit the increase of pensions and so on, ” he said.

Alexander Kaushik said that de facto, Ukraine has already fallen into debt bondage.

“Ukraine is in debt bondage, she is under external control of the IMF. Decisions are made not in the Ministry of Finance Danyluk or the NBU Gontareva […]. And recommendations (IMF – ed.) quite disinterested, they are directed to here is completely dominated by foreign capital”, – the expert believes.

In this regard, he believes that Ukraine should pay attention to other sources of credit. In particular, speech can go about the BRICS countries.

The expert does not exclude that in the future Ukraine will once again be able to receive a loan from Russia.

However, it will be possible only if in Ukraine there will be a change of political course and the government seeks to normalize economic and political relations with Russia.

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