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Cool poster “Jaws” with an unusual perspective

Norwegian artist Glenn meling (Glenn Meling), probably of those in the horror roots for the villain. At least that is his point of view on silbergasse “Jaws”, the famous horror movie of an unknown Director, which is soon after the premiere was destined to become one of the main stars of Hollywood.

A great poster who have shared in Twitter account Stan Winston School, invites us to recall one of the most intense scenes of the cult film and to see her… from the stomach of a white shark. The art is really spectacular and notorious jaws in place, and the main character played by Roy Scheider is seen and the blood is present. In short, just super!

If anyone has forgotten, synopsis Jaws is:

The film runs for five days on the island of Amity, where is a small resort town. In this quiet and Sunny position, there was a terrible tragic events, which started early in the morning when local police chief Martin Brody and his assistant find on the shore the remains of the girl’s body. She became the first victim of the great white shark that appeared off the coast of Amity…
Every day the number of victims of bloodthirsty sharks continues to grow. Whether a brave shark hunter, a veteran of world war II, a fisherman Quint on his vessel to catch and kill the shark? In dangerous sea the expedition with him sent Martin Brody and arrived on the island an expert from the national Institute of Oceanography Matt Hooper.

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