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Convertible Lexus LC while only a concept… but so was the compartment LC

Кабриолет Lexus LC пока лишь концепт... но так было и с купе LC

This concept looks ready for mass production and it happened at precisely the moment when Lexus needs a convertible.

Lexus lifted the covers from the concept of convertible LC just before the Detroit motor show, reviving the coupe version LC open top debuted here three years ago. LC is a larger version of the RC and one of two coupe in the Lexus lineup at the moment. The Japanese luxury brand, he is playing the role of Grand Tourer provides competition with such global giants in the segment of large coupés like the BMW 6 series, Mercedes-Benz SL-class and Jaguar F-Type, at least on paper. Note that all these cars have their own versions of the convertible, so that the LC open top, maybe a little late.

The concept of convertible LC, which can be seen at the Detroit auto show next week, but there is every reason to believe that Lexus is not limited to this, and invested so much money in the compartment, will not give up the opportunity to expand sales, especially since sales of the coupe in 2018 amounted to only 2,000 copies.

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“Long, low and imposing the concept of the convertible retains the proportions of an athletic coupe LC,” says Lexus. “His form is a natural evolution of the original design LC, managed to uphold its unique identity. It combines a unique Japanese aesthetics with the promise of sensual satisfaction, which can only provide a convertible”.

The production version of the LC coupe is equipped with 5.0-liter V8 combined with a 10-speed automatic issuing 471 HP of power and 540 Nm of torque. Lexus does not report what the power unit is mounted on the concept, however, it is difficult to imagine him the hood of anything else. The company also remains silent on the question what is the weight of the convertible, compared to the production coupe, the cabriolet during transformation gaining at least half a hundred kg, even in the absence of such relatively heavy elements as the rear window. As for size, convertible a couple of inches longer than the coupe. Space on the rear seats look especially close, so it is not a direct competitor of the convertible S-class, of course if you do go into production.

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“The production version of this concept will be distinguished by many elements,” said Tadao Mori, chief designer of the concept of LC convertible. “Approaching him you see his dynamic lines and hear the engine cranking it and feel all around when you go. It will affect all your senses and sitting behind its steering wheel you’ll experience the unique exciting feeling.”

The production version is expected later in the year, before the current model will be obsolete and will go on the shelf. Perhaps the concept of the serial version can be seen at the new York motor show in the spring.

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