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Contest of funny comments. Who gets the anthology “Dark”?

It’s time to take stock of our contest extreme fun review. Immediately warn that now we break in such contests before the end of October. First, the interest of the public to events of this kind obviously pospal. Second, we ran out of prizes and we will need some time (one month is enough) to get brand new 🙂 third, the dark holiday of Halloween is approaching, which means it’s time for us to triple something, dedicated to it – more details coming today, wait!

With regard to extreme competition, the winner it became the author of the following comment:

And it’s inhabitant Zone Horror under the name Po3T. Congratulations, dear! In the near future we will contact you to clarify your full name and postal address, which will send your prize anthology dark horror fantasy “Dark.”

The season of contests is not the end, friends. We repeat, today is the start of the event, dedicated to Halloween, and in November, when you’ll take a step back from holidays and will have time to miss the contests reviews – we will continue with new prizes!

In the meantime, let’s remember how we had a great time in recent months:

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