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Contemporary gangs and their traditions. Photo

Современные бандитские группировки и их традиции. ФотоEach gang has their bloody rituals.

Many philosophers and anthropologists agree with the view that gangster culture is largely based on nepotism — that’s how gangs recruit new recruits. Gang members often prey on the youth cultures that have little to do with family structure.

Most gangs have their own rituals, often characterized by violence and brutality. The violent aspect of organized criminal groups attract negative attention to gangs by law enforcement agencies for the past many years.

There are many violent ways that gangs made their own distinctive characteristics around the world. In gangs in South and Central America it is generally accepted that violence is an integral part of life in every cartel. In America and Asia, the violence is also not in last place, and generally involves the use of weapons. A gang whose rituals you will read in this list, began its existence in prison as a way to survive in an overcrowded cell, or deal with internal conflicts with other inmates.

This list contains the most physically and psychologically brutal things are the most dangerous gang in the world turn into rituals.

10. “The Aryan brotherhood” (Aryan Brotherhood)

Современные бандитские группировки и их традиции. Фото

“The Aryan brotherhood” was formed when the white people realized that they have no gang to join in prison culture. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the syndicate boasts more than 10 thousands of members both inside and outside prisons. The organization may vary around the world, but all the members of this criminal associates in common — they are all white.

Former “Aryan brother” addressed the press and told that we had to do in order to become a member of a gang in the late 1970-ies. This man said that had to kill someone “spectacular fashion”, and then swear never to leave the gang. The murder would be a public making a penalty on a member of a rival gang and, as a rule, committed against a person of the opposite race.

This witness was convicted of lying, and he did not trust as a reliable source, but we are still ready to argue that this prison gang, there are cruel rituals.

9. “The cartel of the knights Templar” (Knights Templar Cartel)

Современные бандитские группировки и их традиции. Фото

Informants told the authorities about some extremely alarming rituals of accession that were played in 2014 in this dangerous Mexican gang. The cartel was known for trafficking for removal of organs and match for their unspeakable crimes, they forced the new members to eat a child’s heart to join the ranks of the gang.

Nazario Moreno (Nazario Moreno), known as “El Chaiyo” (El Chayo), entered the room where this informant, and said to all present: “Today we will have a human heart.” To the “Cartel of the knights Templar” Moreno founded the cartel “La Familia” (La Familia), which was also based in Mexico.

Despite a flagrant disregard for human life, “the knights Templar” live according to the ethics code. There is a 22-page book, which lists the rules and regulations for those who call themselves “Templars”.

8. “Bloody United nation” (United Blood Nation)

Современные бандитские группировки и их традиции. Фото

Officially known as “United nation bloody”, “blood feuds” — it’s a prison gang that were first formed in 1993 in response to the emergence of the gang “Latin kings” (Latin Kings) in the new York prison system on Rikers island (Rikers Island).

“Bloody United nation” was officially formed in disciplinary correctional centre MOKENA George (George Mochen Detention Center) on the island, Rikers island, a place that used to separate problematic inmates from the rest of the population. Since then, the gang of “blood feuds” has expanded, its numerous “sets” appeared across the country, and the most well-known settled in Los Angeles.

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After joining the “blood feuds” the new crew member had to burn on the shoulder of the right hand or on his right hand three circles in the shape of a triangle to demonstrate their pride in belonging to the gang.

7. “Los Zetas” (Los Zetas)

Современные бандитские группировки и их традиции. Фото

About this Mexican crime syndicate rumor about the horribly cruel cannibalistic rituals. The U.S. government believes that “Los Zetas” is the most technologically advanced, brutal, professional, ruthless and extremely dangerous cartel operating in Mexico.

Currently, the “Los Zetas” is the largest drug cartel in terms of geographical presence. In 2014, the killer of the gang admitted to his local priest about his “work” in the gang: he cut people up while they were still alive. The exorcist and the priest said, though the man claimed that he liked to cut people alive, and in order to exorcise a former member of a gang of demons had to have four sessions of exorcism.

The priest believes that the members of the gang are possessed by the devil, because they carry the revival of the religious cult of Santa Muerte (Santa Muerte), which consists in the worship of the same deity, personifies death.

6. “Wah Ching” (Wah Ching)

Современные бандитские группировки и их традиции. Фото

This is a Chinese secret society originated in San Francisco, California, in the early 1960’s, when they controlled much of the Asian-American crime in San Francisco and Los Angeles, respectively. It seems that some of the tested and unchanged rituals of gang members “BA Jin” are conflicts with other Asian-American gangs. The founder of the “BA Jin” Danny “Ah Pai” Wong (Danny “Ah Pai” Wong) was killed by killer triad “Vocopro” (Wo Hop To).

Acting in Los Angeles, the gang “Wah Ching” began to feud with the Asian criminal street gang “Asian guys” (Asian Boyz), leading to a major bloody conflict in the fall of 1998. Add to that the “Vietnamese guys” (Vietnamese Boyz) and the largest and most powerful triad in Hong Kong”, Sonyeon” (Sun Yee On) as two other well-known gangs who have waged a feud with a gang of “Wah Ching”.

In 1977 another massive slaughter occurred in the restaurant “Golden dragon” in Chinatown in San Francisco with the participation of the members of the gang “Wah Ching” and the competing group, “Chang Yi Ching”.

5. “Latin kings” (The Latin Kings)

Современные бандитские группировки и их традиции. Фото

The roots of the “nation Almighty Latin kings and Queens” (Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation) dates back to 1943, in Chicago, Illinois, there was a gang, which at first consisted mainly of Chicago and Mexican men. Officially, the “Latin kings” was formed in 1964.

One of the most shocking features of the gang “Latin kings” is an ideology of “kingizm” (“Kingism”), characterized by three stages, or cycles, of life that amount to “kingizm”.

Primitive stage is when the “warrior” acting impulsively, gaining experience and earning recognition among other members of the gang as “big and bad”. The next stage is “Conservative stage”, when the “king” can calm down and maybe start a family, and the last stage is the stage of “the New king”. The new king of experienced, determined and ready to start a revolution. This philosophy is well maintained, and it is one of the reasons why the “Latin kings” existed for so long.

4. The Cartel “Sinaloa” (Sinaloa Cartel)

Современные бандитские группировки и их традиции. Фото

Best known for drug trafficking, money laundering and organized crime, the cartel “Sinaloa” was created in the mid 1980-ies. Under the guidance of a famous leader “El Chapo” (El Chapo) the cartel “Sinaloa” was at the head of countless massacres, demonstrated a cruel disregard for human life.

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The result of the massacre in Boca del Rio (Boca Del Rio) members of a drug cartel killed 35 people, leaving their bodies lying there under the banner of social advertising against drugs. Two brutal massacre in Nuevo Laredo (Nueva Laredo) with an interval of less than a month claimed the lives of 28 people. These mass murders were a message from “El Chapo” gang “Los Zetas”. In response, the “Los Zetas” have destroyed the lives of nine people.

The members of the cartel “Sinaloa” kill the protesters, taking an innocent life, accidental shooting, and took part in numerous brutal skirmishes. Their most cruel ritual was the daily violence of the hands of “El Chapo”. Now that he’s caught, we’ll see increasing violence.

3. “Gang 18th street” (18th Street Gang)

Современные бандитские группировки и их традиции. Фото

Also known as Calle 18, Barrio 18, La18 or Mara-18, “Gang 18th street” is a violent transnational criminal group at various times headed from Los Angeles to El Salvador and Honduras.

In 2015, the gang began to arrange the attacks to establish its authority in El Salvador, which led to the terrorizing of a countless number of people in this country. The gang members attacked public buses, killing a total of five drivers.

A terrorist attack ultimately led to damage costing the city $ 60 million. Attacks like these have become commonplace in South America, although the largest number of gang members living in southern California, a large part of the massacres, pogroms and murders occurred in South America.

2. “Cripples” (Crips)

Современные бандитские группировки и их традиции. Фото

There are several brutal rites in which representatives of various “sets” throughout the country, included in the American criminal gang. “Tookie” Williams (“Tookie” Williams) wrote a book entitled “Blue rage, black redemption” (“Blue Rage Black Redemption”), in which he destroyed many aspects of the lives of “Cripples”. Williams was one of the first leaders of the “crippled Westside centre” (West Side Crips). Williams wrote that forced recruits “Cripples” to fight with members of rival gangs.

Another former “cripple”, Sanyika Shakur (Sanyika Shakur) wrote a book called “Murder” (“Murder”), where he described the ritual of membership in a gang. He “joined” the gang, which means it mercilessly beat up members of his “family,” and the only condition was the ability of self-defense. Only after he suffered a beating, he was given the task to kill from a shotgun a rival gang member.

1. The Yakuza (Yakuza)

Современные бандитские группировки и их традиции. Фото

“Yakuza” is one of the most dangerous gangs in the world, possessing great power. Many members of the “Yakuza” occupy high positions in the mass media of Japan and other influential areas. They are well known for bribery, and their rigid form of large-scale bribery was given its own name — “socia”.

The first step in “Socie” is to purchase sufficient shares to be eligible to attend the shareholders ‘ meeting. After this small introduction of the company a member of the “Yakuza” looking at the management of the company as much incriminating evidence as possible. He then threatens the leader of the company to make public all the incriminating evidence on him, turning into a social outcast, and agrees not to do it in exchange for a large sum of money.

To raise money, a member of the “Yakuza” satisfied with the event and the victim of his blackmail must buy the ticket at an astronomically expensive price. This form of blackmail has become well known among many members of the elite of Japanese society.

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