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Construction – you can’t leave

Стройки – закрыть нельзя оставить

Migrant workers from Central Asia save the industry from collapse during a pandemic, but carry the threat of a collapse of the health system.

Construction and agricultural industry are among those who feel good during a pandemic coronavirus. These are the areas that actively involve Bank borrowings even in this difficult period, have informed RBC in the press service of one of capital banks.

Meanwhile, it seems that the good health of the construction industry, which the authorities are not allowed to stop production because of the epidemic of the coronavirus, is a temporary phenomenon. It is no secret that the main labour force in construction corporations – migrant workers from neighboring countries, mainly from Central Asia. And, of course, Muscovites and residents of other cities should be thanking the construction business because these people are not out on the street since the beginning of the epidemic. After all, the birthplace does not accept them, and they will have no better than to earn one’s living by theft and robbery for food.

But white is not without black. Undoubtedly, environment and working migrant workers – ideal for the spread of coronavirus. Close cabins, which are heated and sleep dozens of people, devoid of the to wash every day, but even regular hand washing. Behaviors in the community, when sometimes even strangers through common friends hug, shake hands, etc. Also, they are from morning till night not brainwashed about the need to protect themselves from the virus and related procedures. And all this is multiplied by the representation of uneducated people that “me no virus will take, my stomach can digest a nail, the infection the infection does not stick”, etc.

That’s not abstract reasoning, but the reality is, you can make after watching the entrance to large construction sites. For example, in the street Academician Pavlova in Moscow, right by the road communicating to such a large construction site – built high-rise building. And residents in front of the house, honestly, enduring the hardships of isolation, from their balconies with surprise and fear, watching as each morning through the entrance to the construction site visit workers of Asian ethnicity without protective masks, as they hug, shake hands (of course, without latex gloves). Moreover, they shake hands at the entrance with the guard of Slavic appearance, who also not protected. And then the same workers “well-feeling during the period of the pandemic” the construction industry go to the nearby store, “roundabout”, where it is safely merge with the local population, carefully observe the conditions of self-isolation. What happens next – is understandable.

So the thesis about the good health of the construction industry is controversial because, if not urgently to bring order to the antiviral measures of safety and personal hygiene – expensive projects will soon rise, despite the loans. No one will build.

It is easy to imagine what a strain on the health system can add millions of migrant workers. And on such additional army patients, probably even in Moscow the rich resources of the health system was not calculated. Patients in this category are always treated in the last turn at the lowest cost. For example, I witnessed a situation when in a city hospital injured in the production of Central Asian migrant doctors cut off part of his hand. Muscovites in such situations, always trying to save the limb. But Muscovites – insured can protect their rights, and the visitors, often operating with fake registration documents and do not speak Russian, that’s the problem.

Businessmen, I think, at its expense, such workers will not treat. Them on the market yet so a lot that it is easier to put patients in the door and gain new ones – in the same Moscow. And fired naturally settles his countrymen – in other huts or in small rented apartments with a dozen guests, and the virus will continue its triumphal procession through the cities and villages.

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