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Conspiracy theorists said about managed hurricanes

Конспирологи рассказали об управляемых ураганах According to the researchers, hurricanes and typhoons are driven from Antarctica.

To such conclusion the independent researchers who suddenly noticed that between the visual microwave radiation exhibited by the MIMIC service on their satellite images, and global natural disasters for example, hurricanes and earthquakes, there is a definite relationship.

For example, before last year’s terrible hurricanes Harvey and Irma, which hit the United States, first came the strange fluctuations of wave – ripples, starting from Antarctica, which then went up to the coast of North America.

But maybe it’s just a coincidence? Or a strange anomaly occurred due to defects in the radar satellites MIMIC? Experts do not exclude that, but they were surprised that this supposedly “random anomaly” is repeated today, and obviously she manages a tropical hurricane Hector, which is increasingly gaining momentum, heading to Hawaii – USA.

Like ripples from Antarctica and stretches to the Typhoon Shanshan that struck Japan. Really, say the researchers, hurricanes, and other catastrophes on the planet, someone is manipulating? This administration is obviously in Antarctica.

The assumption, of course, fantastic, but not entirely unfounded. Of course, it requires a more careful analysis and new supporting (certainly accurate) facts. Doing exactly that now researchers noticed a strange phenomenon. Waiting for new results and more precise conclusions…

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