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Conspiracy theorists has provided proof of the secret of landing humans on Mars

Конспирологи предоставили подтверждение тайной высадки людей на Марс According to scientists, people have long been on Mars.

The world’s space agencies claim that only plan to send a mission to Mars, but many conspiracy theorists and heterodox researchers Astronautics are convinced that people have long been visited on the red planet, and this information is strongly silenced by the powerful.

The conspiracy theorists believe that the Soviet Union and the United States have made successful attempts of flight to the distant celestial body in the 70-ies of the last century.

Since 2011, there have been persistent rumors about the so-called “project Red sun”, carried out nearly a half century ago through the collaborative efforts of Councils and States. Say, after NASA astronauts flew to the moon, on a secret expedition, organized by the opposing forces of the Cold war, was sent to Mars to create a base there. This is an unprecedented joint venture of two competing superpowers was to remain a secret so as not to influence the powerful propaganda on both sides.

If you believe the conspiracy theorists, at the end of 1971 on the Red planet was sent the intelligence of the Soviet-American group, which has successfully primaries, and then returned to Earth. The main mission was launched in August 1973.

Aboard the space ship called “ISV Columbus” were NASA astronauts Elliot C and William Rutledge, as well as Soviet cosmonaut Vladimir Ilyushin. It is alleged that zvezdoletam arrived safely at their destination, built a small base there, took samples of Martian soil and sand, then flew back home.

This story would have remained nothing confirmed hearing if in July 2012 the world wide web is not leaked below presents a startling record. Despite the fact that 6 years ago this movie didn’t do much noise (somebody gave him a fake), they are interested in at the present moment, different specialists, and the mysterious footage now quickly became a sensation. Apparently, epic video, filmed on 16-mm film shows a training flight “ISV Columbus” in the framework of the project “Red sun”.

Of course, among the many Network users broke the heated debate about the authenticity of the film. Some commentators believe in the veracity of these images, others are convinced that this is a result of skillful editing.

Italian ufologist Luca Scantamburlo familiar with William Rutledge claims that the person responsible for the leak to the Internet of these materials. However, he believes that was absolutely right because the world community has a right to know the truth.

The source video says Scantamburlo, lasted about 40 minutes, but the UFO, alas, have lost access to the original.

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