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Conspiracy theorists found strange structures on the asteroid photos

Конспирологи нашли странные сооружения на фотографиях астероида The origin of the structures remains unknown.

8 September 2016 NASA launched into space the advanced interplanetary station “OSIRIS-REx”. Next year it is planned to reach a small near-earth asteroid Bennu, a member of the Apollo and open APR 25, 2013. Its diameter is 0.56 km.

American machine will take with asteroid soil samples, then fly back to the Land which I will reach by 2023. The project will cost one billion dollars. However, not all of the Internet users believe that such an expensive “toy” was created with the sole purpose to collect stones of questionable value on a distant celestial body.

According to conspiracy theorists, the true mission “OSIRIS-REx” is quite different. The fact that at the moment space station has already made a lot of pictures of the asteroid, and several of them felt something unusual. Enthusiasts found these photos at least three objects, suspiciously similar to man-made structures. Tellingly, one of them clearly resembles a right rectangular pyramid, as if “straight from Egypt”.

In other words, the proponents of conspiracy theories believe that if the spacecraft flew to Benn, to explore the ruins of an alien civilization. Maybe not ruins, but something more…

It is noteworthy that NASA named the station in honor of Osiris – ancient Egyptian God of the underworld. Well Benn, it a magic bird from Egyptian mythology. As you are “coincidences”?

Latest images of the asteroid were obtained on 17 August this year. New photos, apparently, is not expected. It seems that the American national space Agency does not want too so we can see in his pictures something extra…

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