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Conformism under 2%

Конформизм под 2%

The Russian authorities are trying to ensure the loyalty of the people, drove him into debt. And thus digging himself another hole.

One of the main economic news on the eve of elections in Russia was the message on reduction of the key rate. The electorate once again waved cheap mortgage.

The country is now about five million mortgage holders — a little more than 6% of the population. You can round up 10% if you consider that the burden of credit usually carry all the working members of the family. But the state is not enough. And not only because it is necessary to develop the construction sector. Today, mortgage holders and debtors on consumer loans — a pillar of the regime. Not just state employees and retirees, and state employees and retirees with large debts. And clerks with debts. And laborers with debts. And all the other debts.

The government wants debtors to be more and entices people with wonderful promises. A mortgage at 5% tease young parents with many children. A mortgage under 2% lure those who agree to sail to the far East and Shine. On state television, discussing the issue of over-indebtedness of the population, come to the conclusion that we, on the contrary, there is the problem of nedorabotannost: the whole world lives in debt, and we lag behind.

Here it is important to keep in mind that the state has a value of quantity, not quality. That is why it only does that collects new flock, it is not interested in, there old parishioners feel under the credit burden.

The logic of the authorities can be understood — they put on conformism. They think that the people, crushed millions of debt, easier to manage: people is not about politics, not civic engagement. The government believe that citizens will become more flexible, docile, and quirks like the next increase in the retirement age will be met not with sighs of resentment, but rather with enthusiasm. After all, to pay the bills, many will have to work hard to the grave.

Officials are also convinced that enslaved the population will adapt to any shocks in the labor market: they say, if a person has debt, he’ll take any job, even in the most unfavorable conditions — this would not burden their problems of employment service.

All looks, it seems to be consistent. But in reality, the state is digging himself another hole. It simply does not know what the Russian debtor and some sometimes come across its varieties.

One of the most problematic — “creditus of bezbashenny”. Type is not as rare as it may seem at first glance. Distributed mainly in the provinces. Example? Please. Young family: he is the installer of glass, she — the seller-the cashier in the decree. Live with her parents in distress and resentment. To two years the first child happens to be the second pregnancy looms matkapital. On TV tell you what, those who gave birth to the second in 2018 or 2019, you can count on a preferential mortgage.

Young parents run to the Bank and buy a two-bedroom apartment for four million rubles. There are modest kopeck piece in two times cheaper, but to walk so to walk! Later the parent sold the apartment. Half a million, which, after the carve-up went to young, they planned to spend on a partial early repayment of the loan. But in the new housing needed repair, and construction brochures and catalogs of furniture stores there’s so much interesting…

A month later no money. Six months later, the installer of the glazing remains unemployed. Six months later the question arises about the eviction and sell the apartment at auction. The unfortunate borrowers are trying to grasp at straws — they’ve put the matkapital, children cannot leave without a single housing. But it turns out they can: means the certificate went to paying interest on the loan, return them not.

Such examples are enough. And there will be more. A loan at 5% will enter into temptation many. Not all now understand that to go into bondage, when the family has only one working, when the initial payment of 15%, and he earned when the monthly payment is equal to half of the family budget is insane.

I bought this August apartment in Perm. Was surprised by a strange boom in the real estate market. Square meters flew like hotcakes. Asked the seller where he got the money of the people. It turned out that buying on credit with a minimum down payment.

Do you know why in a hurry? I’m afraid that there was a crisis, a default, a revolution! People watching the protests in Moscow and St. Petersburg, nervous and… ran to the banks. Logic, of course, a killer. If the default is how to pay for the loan? And if the revolution, then who knows what will happen to all the banks property? The revolution, by the way, some individuals even pinned special hopes: it seemed to them that the debts will be written off, and the housing will leave. Can you imagine? And these people were given loans. To examine them we must, and with them had entered into contracts for millions of rubles.

The Russian borrower in the mass, is still very infantile. This screams statistics. More than 43% of borrowers fit into a loan with an initial contribution of at least 20%, and as this contribution is a frequent speaker matkapital, subsidy or even a consumer loan issued by another Bank. Additional consumer credits hanging on half Russian food. With only monthly payment on the mortgage at the most equal to half income.

This portrait does not contradict the statement that the food — support mode. That’s just in the current economic climate it is absolutely indifferent, what mode to back. They still have some power to ask for help from the budget for personal financial collapse — Yes, even from hell. The Russian borrower, of course, will not rock the boat and protest against the injustice of the current regime. But if the boat will sink someone else’s efforts, every second, the debtor will not hesitate to swear allegiance to the new government — if only allowed to refinance. Conformism does not happen to others.


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