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Conditionally zatsenzureno Kinomax “there was Deadpool” has got the Russian trailer

Talkative mercenary again in a hurry to the movies, but this time he will behave fantastically well. Well, as far as possible.

After a week the world will be revealed new version of the second “Deadpool” – without rough, with a rating of PG-13 and additional scenes. In Russia, however, the release of the film will take place in January, and PG-13 traditionally, we turn into 16+, so the kids in the movie are not driving. Anyway, want to see the Joker in the mask are, therefore, meet the first official trailer.

A reworked version called “there was a Deadpool” (Once Upon a Checker). The plot is unlikely to change beyond recognition, the story will be filed differently.

Russian premiere is scheduled for January 3, 2019.

After surviving a nearly fatal viral diarrhea in cattle, disfigured chef fighting for his dream — to become the hottest bartender Mayberry. In parallel, he learns to cope with the loss of the sense of taste. In an attempt to bring him back to life, and condenser temporal flow, Wade must battle with ninjas, the Yakuza and a bunch of sexually aggressive dogs. Traveling around the world, he learns the importance of family, friendship and fragrance, will find the new smell of adventure and finally get the coveted coffee mug that says “Best lover in the world”.

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