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Conditionally zatsenzureno “Deadpool” in a hurry to children at Christmas

In December of this year will see the release of a new version kinokomiksa “Deadpool”, without a Mat, without meat, without eggs… With a rating of PG-13. However, as it turned out, there not just cut out the entire sheet, but something added.

Co-authors Paul wernick and Rhett Reese said that after the release of “Deadpool 2” team from the first film returned to the set. We shot several brand new scenes, so that those who saw the original, will be able to review this movie with your kids, little siblings, or just catch some kid on the street and show him the film. But then move them back.

According to Bloody Disgusting , instead of all the cut oozing blood godnoty in “Deadpool” has added eight new scenes. However, the overall plot remains the same:

Wade Wilson is a mercenary. As a by-product of the program of the armed forces under the name “Weapon X”, Wilson has gained incredible strength, agility and healing. But at a terrible price: its cellular structure is constantly changing, and sanity is doubtful. All Wilson wants to do is stay afloat in a social cesspool. But over it too fast.

Ryan Reynolds, Morena, Baccarin, ed Skrein and other actors re-appear in familiar images, familiar to us in history. Plus a little Christmas spirit.

Conditionally zatsenzureno version received the title Once Upon a Checker. In the US it will show on 12 December.

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