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Concluded IK-6 in Mordovia had threatened to torture for refusing to go to work because of illness

Заключенному ИК-6 в Мордовии пригрозили пытками за отказ выходить на работу из-за болезни

The administration of the 6-th corrective colony (IK-6) in Mordovia Republic forces another Alexander Markin, suffering from multiple illnesses, work in the sewing shop – without registration, medical examination and courses of sewing. About it radio station “Freedom” the lawyer said nail Saleev. In case of refusal, the administration threatens Markin painful physical violence.

“The operative colony Igor Nikolaev promised to Markin at night into the yard, and, holding it in the cold, handcuffed to the metal bars, pour cold water until, until he agrees to go to work”, – said Ilkaev. He recalled that this was tortured by Nazis, according to the official Soviet version, the prisoner General Dmitry Karbyshev.

According to Saltaeva, Nikolaev promised Markin “place under false pretenses, violations of the regime of serving the sentence, systematically placed in solitary confinement, in punishment cells (SHIZO), it will also be a stripped gear, parcels, visits, letters and Newspapers.”

Markin, hearing such threats, was willing to agree to work against their will. In addition, Nikolaev, and the chief operati colony Deskin the threat of violence “bow Markina to sign some orders allegedly on his transfer to work in the sewing shop”, but Markin refuses to do it.

Alexander Markin chronic left-sided pleuropneumonia, respiratory failure 2-3 degrees, chronic bronchitis, emphysema. Doctors believe that with such disorders, it needs to live in humid and warm climate (the medical certificate of the Chief military clinical hospital named after Burdenko available to the “Freedom”).

The lawyer drew attention to the fact that the room sewing workshop, according to Markin, “a very dusty, stuffy, everywhere sewing machine oil”. This can very negatively affect the state of health of the prisoner with sick lungs.

According to Markin, the administration of IK-6 makes the work and the invalid of II group Belova, suffering from schizophrenia.

Markin has told that employees of the colony during the first three days after its arrival there, beat him with rubber truncheons on the legs and back. Markin was forced to confess to committing heinous crimes that he had nothing, and persuaded him to cooperate with the administration. After these beatings of convicted deteriorated state of the feet, which is confirmed by prison doctors.

Alexander Markin, the former CEO of a private security company “Vityaz-Sport”, was accused of the murder of the owner of the company “optifud” Michael Wunsh and several other crimes. In March 2008, it has fully justified the jury of the Moscow regional court, and Markin returned to Spain, where he lived permanently for medical reasons. But the Supreme court of Russia quashed the acquittal and the case was remanded for a new hearing, and the Spanish authorities gave Alexandra Markina of Russia. In August 2013, Markin was found guilty on all counts and sentenced to life in prison, despite the dubious evidence, the non-obviousness of motives, questions to the procedure of jury selection and other violations, provided protection.

As drew the attention of lawyers and human rights activist Vera Vasilyeva, Spain Markina, was extradited with the condition that Russia will not apply in relation to torture and to practice the treatment degrading, and if convicted will not be sentenced to life imprisonment. However, the Russian authorities have not complied with this condition. The complaint Markina on Russia and Spain submitted to the European court of human rights. Alexander Markin insists on his innocence.


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