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Conarium, another game in the spirit of Lovecraft – coming soon!

How many were there, how many more will games created for the glory of the Ancient Gods invented by the writer H. p. Lovecraft! Another is called Conarium, it was created by people who have Darkness Within. Inspired by their story DLV “At the mountains of madness”, but the basis for most of the game went to its own history.

The release on Steam will take place very soon – June 6, 2017. The expected version of the game for the PS4 and Xbox One.

Conarium is a chilling game based on a thrilling story. In it, four scientists are trying to understand what is considered “absolute” limits of the possible. Game in the spirit of the novel “mountains of madness” H. p. Lovecraft, but based on the original story.
You will play for Frank Gilman, who is in the room filled with strange, pulsating sounds. The dance of death on the walls spread the light patterns from the unusual device on the table. You can remember only what you Upuaut, polar station at the South pole. And here you are in a deserted place, and something tells you that all is not good. Realizing that the recall did not succeed, you begin to feel an unexplainable helplessness — some familiar, but at the same time alien to the feeling that you are not your own… Soon you will find that using this device during the expedition, you died, but returned some others. You begin to torment some strange memories of unusual places. You will realize that you have lost something very important and found something sinister…
Explore the polar station, and with it their dreams and visions. Explore clues, discover secrets, but avoid sinister creatures price.

Features Gama:

– Eventful and tense story in the spirit of Lovecraftian short stories with lots of secrets and Easter eggs.

– Sinister but magnificent graphics on Unreal 4.

– Multiple endings.

Atmospheric, mystical soundtrack.

In short, I subscribe. And you?

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