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Computer Intel Compute Card filled in Bank card format

Intel has developed a new modular platform called Compute Card and presented it at the conference, CES 2017 in the United States. It is targeted at smart devices in the Internet of things and looks almost like a regular credit or Bank card, and even their sizes match almost perfectly.

Dimensions Intel Compute Card are only 95х55х5 millimeters, and it is a complete motherboard with single processor, memory, wireless interfaces, a full-time drive, and various connectors. In other words, it’s almost a full system unit, only a very small and inaccessible to the average consumer, at least at this stage.

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While Intel is interested in working with large companies and offer them your new card Compute Card as the basis of their IOT devices. The filling of the card remains unknown, but perhaps it will fit something productive and roomy so no problem. As it became known, the presentation of the Compute Card Intel made a splash, and a new platform lined up almost all of the main players of the market of devices of the Internet of things — the orders already received from Lenovo, HP, Dell, Acer and a number of smaller companies.

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