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Compiled a list of findings that should not be pick up on the street

Составлен список опасных находок, которые не следует подбирать на улице Items on this list can harm picked up their man.

These things better not to pick up if you find them.

Money and coins

Energy are considered to be talismans, and they are a favorite material for those who are willing to help to get rid of financial distress for a nominal sum. With a coin of monetary failure is transferred from one person to another.


Any lost jewelry carry a disaster symbol. Although of particular importance in this issue is the rings. It is believed that this ornament has the strongest energy relationship with the owner. Through the ring you can pass damage, Heartbreak and even the crown of celibacy. Not recommended even to try on the jewelry of the loved ones, not to mention those that you picked up on the street.

Pointed objects

But any kind of pins and needles (especially found on the doorstep of your home) contain a huge amount of negative energy. They often are “guides” only bad in the hands of different magicians and witches, talking esoteric.


Namely, bracelets made of threads and beads carry a negative energy. This “jewelry” is often a powerful amulet, and often made with their own hands. These bracelets are rarely lost accidentally, usually they break or come off hands due to excess negativity. Picked up this “jewel” is likely to have a long and wide black band.


Typically, today, no one chooses such things, but combs, as well as personal mirrors and bracelets, have a close relationship with its owner, his thoughts, emotions and past. Previously, they were often used as magic attributes, which was very difficult to overestimate.


Crosses that are designed to protect its wearer from all negative, loss, on the contrary, be a powerful energy weapon. This discovery could change the fate of the new owner, or, in other words, you divide all the sins and evil from the previous owner of a pectoral cross.


Our ancestors have long believed that mirrors are fraught with magical powers. Even believed that the mirror surface is fraught with the past, and its owner, including all the negative and bad things that happened to its owner.


Watch the object very heavy in all senses of the word: they cannot give, you cannot pick up and carry. Especially if this watch went to you after the death of a relative. Wrist watch also is not worth it to pick up.


The scariest thing are the homemade toys and dolls, the so-called reeled. These dolls will bring a huge setback to the new owner, because a reduced image of a man in the form of the pupa is made in order to cause harm to someone who will take a toy home.


Of course, anyone can lose keys from the apartment, office, car, or any other, but those are the keys we are talking about, differ from those that are usually flat open. He will be all alone lying in the pond (puddle) and wait until someone picked him up and open, so to speak, the box of misfortunes.

Take care of yourself and beware do not need things

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