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Competition fotosub: Make memusi from the film “Dawn” and win exclusive prizes!

Oh Yes, we know you’ve waited for this. And I waited because! Contests funny photoshopped pics back in the memory, and in the case of the first such in 2019 offers exclusive prizes: poster signed by the creators of the film “Dawn” and the books “Dawn” (the official novelization) – again with the autographs!

But about all under the order.

So, the prizes are cool, interesting and exclusive. If that’s the case, then the assignment a little more difficult than usual. Now we are not waiting for your stupid comments with jokes-pribautochkami, we need is new faces, the steeper the better.

The competition will lasts almost two weeks, culminating in the night of 10 to 11 Feb.

Traditionally, your options photojob published in the comments to this page. Who does not know how to do it – ask and will answer you. But in General, the most banal use of the service or a photo sharing site fotobiennial type Savepic. Do not give references for Google to help.

According to tradition, one comment, one picture. According to tradition the number of comments-photoshopped pics from one user is not limited.

Now more about the awards. The author of the best “dawn” photoshopped pics we will send you a movie poster autographed by the creators. The authors of the three cool photoshopped pics will get books.

Well, to make your life easier and make the competition more interesting – as the object for your experiments you can use ANY photo from the gallery of film. And there are more than a hundred, so there really is plenty to choose from. For example, can be subverted with this photo:

Or with this:

Everything is in your hands! Go for it!

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