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Compelling reasons to give up sugar

Убедительные причины отказаться от сахараExperts have listed a list of consequences arising from excessive consumption of sugar.

Nutritionists in recent years have increasingly began to remind about the dangers of sugar for health, so many people leading a healthy lifestyle I try in various ways to abandon this product. Turns out not everyone and not the first time, and for those who are wondering on “is it worth it to give up sugar?” the experts told about the possible negative consequences that can happen due to the fact that sugar present in the diet.

Compelling reasons that should push you to abandon sugar:

Sugar increases the craving for Smoking. It turns out that sugar consumption and concurrent Smoking leads to a deep delay of cigarette smoke, which drags a number of carcinogens. Moreover, in this case, the dependence on cigarettes become as strong as drug.

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Sugar makes you “independent” of the tooth. Sugar is one of the main products that cause addiction. To give up sugar is not easy, especially for those who have become accustomed to it and it shows that “sugar addiction” exists.

Sugar is the main product of yeast-like fungi “Candida”, which in reproduction endows human disease, which is most often called “thrush”, and in medicine it is called “candidiasis”.

Sugar contributes to the development of cardiovascular diseases. This product stimulates the production of insulin in the blood, which in turn affects heart rate, speeding it up and narrowing the vessels. Thus there is hypertension and other diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

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Sugar helps cancer cells to grow. Scientists have found out what substance use cancer cells in the division and turns out it is fructose and insulin.

Abandoning the sugar once and for all, you will improve the quality of their health and will not face future problems such as tooth decay, obesity, bad skin, heart disease and blood vessels, cancer and a serious addiction to candy.

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