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Comparison of the terrible episodes of the original and remake of “the Curse”

Disputes between fans of the original paintings and modern remakes, apparently, never subsides. Some people prefer exclusively the canonical original, and someone give “rethinking” and an essential complement to the story. When this controversy erupted not only around the obvious failures, but also about the feasibility of creating such great remakes like “the ring,” Gore Verbinski, “the Texas chainsaw massacre,” Marcus nispel will or “dawn of the dead” by Zack Snyder.

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Not spared the devoted fans of Japanese horror and “the Curse” Takashi Shimizu – an American version of his own strip, taken two years earlier at home. The remake turned out great – kept the oppressive atmosphere of the original paintings and significantly improved the quality of frightening episodes. But everything is relative, isn’t it? With this statement agreed and the author of YouTube-channel The Springwood Slasher. Its already a developed category “Original vs. A remake of” time-lapse he compared the Japanese and American versions of the”Curse”to us, the audience, it was easier to discuss the details of the most memorable scenes in both versions. Which of these movies you prefer?

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And don’t forget – most likely, soon we will show another restart this story.

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