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Compact laptop Acer Spin 1 can turn into a tablet

Acer has updated its ultra-compact mobile computer Spin 1, which is optimal for use on trips as a small desktop device. In its new version it became more powerful and more economical, and all thanks to the fresh Apollo Lake platform from Intel.

Acer important in Spin 1 is its screen is based on IPS matrix and displays a Full HD picture on a diagonal of 11.6 inches. In addition, the display can be rotated 360 degrees and is able to work with an active stylus, so it’s very, very interesting computer. With all this new Acer Spin 1 worth 330 USD and comes with Windows 10 from Microsoft. Type of processor is not specified, but what is known about the availability of the batteries for 8 hours, HDMI output, USB ports 2.0 and 3.1, and microSD slot from 32 to 128 GB of internal memory based on eMMC module.

Along with this the presence of 4 GB of RAM, so the Acer picking Spin 1 differ only in the built-in memory. Importantly, the price quoted includes not only license the OS, but also durable metal body, and of standard modules is available. The start of sales of the new Acer Spin 1 is scheduled for July of the current year, and the competitors in its price range, subject to the availability of such advanced screen, he has quite a bit.

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