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Common misconceptions about donor blood

Распространенные заблуждения о донорской сдаче кровиDoctors refuted the popular beliefs people have about organ donation.

Voluntary blood donation is considered a noble act, which can not all. Blood is always needed to replenish its supplies can only not indifferent people, who do not mind to share to the needy.

Due to the fact that the donation is widespread in society there are many beliefs that are in fact misconceptions.

Doctors debunked myths about donor blood donation:

Can be infected with hepatitis or HIV. It is almost impossible, because for each donor, using a new blood collection system, which prints it. Moreover, before becoming a donor, all pre-hand over the General analysis of blood.

The procedure is very painful. Donating blood is not painful. Only where the donor may feel an unpleasant sensation, so that during insertion of the needle into the vein.

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Donors after giving blood to get better. It’s not true. The weight gain and the donation does not have a connection.

Before donation you need formal dinner, and in the morning nothing is there. One of the most common misconceptions. Go easy on fatty and high-calorie foods in the evening before blood donation is not recommended. And in the morning you should drink sweet tea and eat some porridge.

Due to regular blood donation, a woman can lose its former beauty. In fact, the donation for a woman is the ability to save youth and beauty for years to come, and all because thanks to the blood increases the circulatory system and accelerating blood circulation, due to which cells and tissues are saturated with oxygen and the aging process are inhibited.

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The recipient will receive the same quality of character, what possessed his donor. Scientists have proven that nothing but blood components, the transfusion recipient is not transmitted.

Do not believe the speculation and rumors floating around you. If you want to help someone for free, maybe even save lives, then just once every six months donate blood, but provided that you do not smoke or drink alcohol, because in this case, it is your blood it is unlikely that someone will benefit.

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