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Common habit that can wear out prematurely

Распространенная привычка, которая может состарить раньше времениIt also leads to deafness and tooth decay.

As reported by the scientific Journal Journal of Endodontics, there is one common habit that causes the body to accelerated aging.Having it people may not realize the positive effects. But the fact that it is old before their time, they do not know.

This habit causes several negative effects, such as deafness and caries. Proteins TNF-alpha and hBD-2 are for the human body protective. Performing its function, they retain immunity. But the daily common people’s way of life is destroying these life-saving proteins.

Watching a large group of people, the researchers found that those volunteers who had admitted to his bad habit had a much worse indicator of health. Their bodies were already worn out: bad teeth, slow healing of gums, deafness. Other volunteers showed a much better performance. Them tooth tissue, of course, also have been negatively affected by the environment, but it was much stronger and had a great potential for further healthy life.

The signs of early deafness of volunteers of the second group was not shown, unlike the volunteers of the first group,consciously following a common habit. Medical scientists came to the conclusion that this habit not only ages a person faster, but also leads to serious diseases of the oral cavity. Strada habit is distributed around the globe. Especially strongly it affects people living in developed and developing countries. About the harmful effects of this habit, it would seem that they know everything. However, she is followed by about 11 million people. All these people are doomed to premature aging.

Habit, provoking deafness and makes the body grow old earlier and now banal Smoking.

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