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Common features, akin to the human animals. Photo

Общие черты, роднящие человека с животными. ФотоCommon features which you never knew existed.

We humans consider ourselves to be beings of a very special, much more highly organized than the rest of the animal world. Meanwhile, we have much more in common with our smaller brethren than we imagine.

That’s what we have from them so different? Math? Monkey with it too good. The use of tools? It can even birds. Culture? Alas, in chimpanzees it is also available. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Here you will find still some common features, which, most likely, never knew existed:
Ears like a grasshopper

Общие черты, роднящие человека с животными. Фото

The human ear has a complex structure that allows you to convert sound waves are mechanical vibrations that our brain is able to process. All the same, as it turns out, happens to grasshoppers pokrytyh. According to a study published 16 Nov 2012 in the journal Science, the ears of this insect are arranged almost the same as human, including the tympanic membrane, the system of ear bones and fluid-filled cavity. The ears of grasshoppers a little easier our own, but they can catch a lot more sounds.
The ability to speak like the elephants

Общие черты, роднящие человека с животными. Фото

In the use of language the indisputable advantage is a man (at least as far as we know), but even elephants can reproduce sounds similar to human speech. One elephant from a zoo in South Korea, for example, learned to use its trunk and throat. He can say “Hello”, “good”, “no”, “sit” and “lie” — in Korean, of course.

It is unlikely that the elephant understands what these words mean. Scientists believe that he was able to learn, because at the age of five to twelve years have not seen their own kind, and spoke exclusively with people.
Grimaces as the mouse

Общие черты, роднящие человека с животными. Фото

Do you have to change the expression on your face when you experience pain? Here and mice also. In 2010, researchers from McGill University and the University of British Columbia (Canada) found that mice, when they are hurt, doing about the same “faces” that people do.

The researchers explained why they need it — knowing when laboratory rodents are experiencing pain, they can avoid causing them suffering without any apparent reason.
Mumbling in my sleep like dolphins

Общие черты, роднящие человека с животными. Фото

French scientists recorded unnatural for marine mammals the sounds that they made late at night. Five dolphins living in the marine Park in France, regularly listened to a day in the recording of “whale song” (the sounds made by cetaceans for communication). And at night, they imitated those sounds, and scientists believe it is a form of mumbling in her sleep similar to human.
Building skills as the octopus

Общие черты, роднящие человека с животными. Фото

Korotkoruchko octopus uses coconut shell to build a mobile house. When he wants to travel, he puts the shell in the stack, like plates, grabs them with his tentacles and goes on a journey across the ocean floor.
Movement like smaakvolle

Общие черты, роднящие человека с животными. Фото

The body, less similar to human than smaakvolle, it is difficult even to imagine. This creature resembles a starfish, he’s got no Central nervous system. Nevertheless, it patrole miracle moves with coordination, very similar to the human gait.

The body of smaakvolle has radial symmetry, that is, it can be divided into two identical half several times, conducting an imaginary line through the tentacles and the Central axis. In humans and other mammals, for comparison, the body has mirror symmetry: to divide us into two equal halves in only one way — having an imaginary line along the body.

Most creatures with radial symmetry move around very little, and if they move, then up and down like a jellyfish, which “pushes” itself through the water. And speechmode moved forward, perpendicular to the axes of the body — this skill we used to take fixed for the mirror symmetrical creatures.

Brain like a pigeon

Общие черты, роднящие человека с животными. Фото

Players squander money in Vegas, have something in common with the usual pigeons. And it’s not only the addiction to shiny objects. Both are willing to risk what you have, in order to (maybe!) to get a big score.

During a scientific experiment 2010 pigeons were offered a choice between a button to push that guarantees little, but the 100% reward and the other which does not guarantee anything, but occasionally clicking on it you can get a bigger reward. The pigeons chose the latter.

Questionable decision can be explained by the desire to relive the surprise and the joy of unexpectedly dropped out of luck. From gamblers, scientists believe triggers the same mechanism.

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