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Commercial property for rent for beginners and experienced entrepreneurs

Аренда коммерческой недвижимости для начинающих и опытных предпринимателейTo start a business without commercial property impossible, especially if the business is connected with trade. Budding entrepreneurs do not risk to get a square until you start to make a profit. Stable business with predictable revenue is also better to expand using the rented space. This minimizes the risks and allows you to quickly curtail the activities.

Leased premises can be of several types:

  • office;
  • commercial space / area;
  • warehouse.

    Objects located under the General heading, but differ significantly. We will consider each type separately.


    Administrative work commercial enterprise is organized in a separate room used for meetings with clients or partners. The object should be as conveniently located to the entrance of transport (personal, public), near the building of desirable Parking spaces. Nice office located near commercial properties and fairly close to the business center.

    To create the image it is better to choose a presentable premises, to pay attention to the quality of repair, availability, quality office furniture, security, security systems. As an office you can rent an apartment, house or part of it. Convenient is the location of the office in the same building as the store or other facilities of the company.

    Commercial premises

    From the location of commercial premises depends on the success of the trade. The most successful placement in the entrance area with a large stream of potential customers, and the minimal presence of competing organizations.

    The rental price depends on how the point is adjusted for a particular type of trade. Give up stores with special refrigeration equipment, display shelves, boxes, racks under the clothes, mannequins. This outlet reduces costs of purchasing or leasing equipment, and thus more lucrative for budding entrepreneurs.

    Rent depends on where the property is located: detached building, a boutique in a shopping Mall, a residential building on the ground floor, the Annex, or the basement. Important the size of a trading hall. It is selected individually according to the quantity of the goods. Bars on Windows, security, fire alarm, security make rent more expensive, but protect the owner from unforeseen losses.


    Unlike retail space, warehouse space should not be in a busy place. Much more important to be able to drive trucks. So they are often located on the outskirts of the city. The rent depends on the storage type (warm, cold), size, the availability of shops, facilities of transport communication (roads and Railways). The availability of electricity, protection increases the cost, but ensures safe operation of the warehouse.


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