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Comment on the OSCARS and win a book!

Forgive us for the delay – the business head. But of course, we have to bring the results of extreme competition funny comments and start a new one.

So, the last time we invited you to comment on a scene from the new horror movie “Strangers: the crying game.” Reviews, worthy of victory, was missing, but at the end of double voting (first in our fine, and then inside edition) victory goes to the author of the following options:

Take congratulations! The anthology “Halloween” will get… a veteran of our contests are Immortal! Well, he is Immortal, that of ax to be saved 🙂

As for the new contest, the prize for him will be a novel writer Vladimir Kuznetsov “Mercury and salt”. That sounds like the official abstract of this book:

Welcome to Olden, a dark reflection of Georgian London. This dark place, the human anthill, where progress goes hand in hand with medieval obscurantism, a place full of strange creatures and a variety of human vices. In search of the missing wife of Edward Saul is forced to look into the darkest corners of this city — and his own mind.
Along the way, Saul manages to be a member of a street gang, which he carved bullets and bombs, an industrialist-chemist, sailor, sold on the warship, a veteran of the sea war, almost becomes a victim of the Inquisition, faced with scary monsters — all in order to find the runaway wife and understand what are the real causes of their overall macabre dream.

And the object of your humorous samples this time will be shot from the film, which won a couple of Oscars – “Three of the Billboard on the border of Ebbing, Missouri” (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri) – drama with elements of Thriller, lots of black humor and just mind-blowing cast. Conditions of competition are traditional: you have to think of something funny as a caption to the photo; one that can offer one variant of the signature; number of comments per participant is not limited. Go for it!

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