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Commanded to keep silence even quieter

Велено безмолвствовать еще тише

Teach the conveniences we took the people, which incomes fall for the fifth consecutive year. People go berserk, and he was silenced, promising “eternal Putinism.”

No sooner had the citizens get used to the idea that soon they will be fined for “clear disrespect” to the government, as there was a counter initiative — to punish officials for unflattering remarks about people. Two deputies of the state Duma from the Communist party — Sergey Kazankov and Nikolai Kolomeitsev decided to fill the legislative gap created, in their opinion, after the adoption by the state Duma in the first reading of the bill on the punishment and lock posts with offensive statements to the authorities.

Recall that the idea of punishment for “insulting the government” formally the Federation Council members Andrei Klishas and Lyudmila Bokova, and the Deputy of the state Duma from “United Russia” Dmitry Vyatkin. At the same time, when discussing this initiative in the state Duma, supporters of the new law almost explicitly States that the authorities unpleasant rage flows that poured on them in social networks.

It seems that the hatred of the lower classes really hinders the “masters of life” enjoy high status and wealth, after all, to ignore public discontent still does not work — after all, we still pretend that we build let the “sovereign”, but still a democracy.

However, from the government recently, there is a very distinct signal — it would be nice if all dissatisfied, finally, completely silent. In fact, many have ceased to take to the streets, believing that demonstrations are useless. That the freemen in sotssetyah stop it. There’s nothing watered day and night by the Russian government mud. If itching — abuse of officials in the kitchens, and that, until the neighbors scribbled a denunciation.

Internet same visit to the Museum, where it is better to talk in a whisper and not to attract too much attention. Especially because it will soon all can be cut off (in the best case, the authorities will decide what sites you can visit, and what’s better to block).

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And behold, two Communist deputies decided to put a counter and fell, calling to punish the ruble officials for rudeness to the common people. The proposed zakonopachivajut penalties for the sum from 30 thousand to 50 thousand rubles or disqualification of the authorities for up to three years for “insulting the electorate”.

And if literally, the “public expression by an official holding government or municipal jobs, or being on state or municipal service, the obvious disrespect for the citizens of the Russian Federation and (or) public denial of the duty of the state to create conditions for a dignified life and free development of man.”

Examples with the irritating statements of the officials (mainly regional) once again give no sense. About “fuckin’ … ” and “you do not state must” remember everything. And here Kazankov and the latter propose to ask the officials more severely than citizens, “insulting” the government, fining them, even just for “uncomplimentary remarks” against ordinary citizens. For officials — servants of the people, which is the source of power in Russia. It is written in the Constitution, reminded Kazankov.

In this case both the Deputy-the Communist, of course, well aware that their bill will be sent to the trash. But the proposal Klishas obviously waiting for another fate. Despite the protests of experts (and especially the ridicule in social networks), it is likely to take, even with certain amendments. As already adopted in the first reading which caused no little noise bill the same Klishas on the punishment of “fake news” on the Internet.

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Incidentally, the new initiative of the Senator also already provides for liability for those who offend “society”, that is, the people, voters, citizens, what you want, not just power. Most likely, this is what Kazankova and Kolomeitseva and indicate in the Duma, rejecting their bill. Not to mention the claims about what is proposed in their draft law of the concept need further “fleshing out”, “detail” and generally “evaluative”, — it is in this spirit normally selected base when you need to “wrap up” a document.

But much to worry about do not want. And here’s why. United Russia is clear — they dutifully vote for the “socially close” the bills my party Klishas, or following explicit instructions from the Kremlin, whether these instructions trying to guess and anticipate. But what is sought, “Duma opposition”, offering a deliberately-go idea? Except that once again show that they supposedly “always with the people.” But the voters somehow perceive such things as cheating and boring PR.

Question all else — whether it is possible in principle to make them like each other the people and the authorities, threatening with fines and other punishments? For passengers of limousines with flashing lights is no longer news that the people, flashing through the Windows, thinks they’re “crooks and thieves”. A so-called “ordinary people” over and over again with specific examples, convinced that the officials kept them for cattle. So what kind of respect is there to say?

But it is well visible that teach the conveniences we took the people, because of lack of professionalism and incompetence whose incomes fall for the fifth consecutive year. People go berserk, and he said: “watch your language”. And continue to promise a “breakthrough into a bright future” and “eternal Putinism.”

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