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Comedian Olga Bartunkova after weight loss became a different person

Participant of KVN Olga Bartunkova unrecognizable. 38-year-old actress lost weight and changed her hairstyle. In total, she lost 60 pounds!

Stop there Olga, it seems, is not going every day, actress looks slimmer. So, on November 28 Bartunkova published a photo on which it is difficult to know, from 150 kg of dumplings left over.

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“Some eyes were not to know”, “you look Gorgeous. Keep it up,” “skinny Olga! Well done, you achieved your results!”, “Olga, you look great!!! A young, thin beauty!”, “I’m excited about the change, honestly,” getting compliments Olga subscribers (Spelling and punctuation more. — Approx. ed.).

  • Olga.

  • Olga.

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Already 19 months Bartunkova sitting on a strict diet and exercise. In the future she plans to have surgery to remove stretch marks. The artist also noted that he was more likely to get compliments from men.

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