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“Colossal error of power” Soloviev commented on the poll about the temple in ESA

«Колоссальная ошибка власти» Соловьев прокомментировал опрос ВЦИОМ по поводу храма в Ека

“Colossal error of power”

Soloviev commented on the poll about the temple in Yekaterinburg

TV host Vladimir Solovyov in his broadcast on “Vesti FM” has commented on yesterday’s poll showed that most residents oppose the construction of the temple in the Park near the Drama theatre, but in General not opposed to the building appeared in the city. Solovyov called the “colossal mistake” the decision of the authorities to listen to the opinion of the majority, and the poll he called manipulative. “That is, if the person to measure the temperature when he’s sick. Shows 39 degrees. And to say that this is a normal temperature,” — said Solovyov. According to him, the survey was conducted in “overheated,” and therefore showed the following results.

Then nightingales began to lament that in the country now laws don’t work and no one will be able to build: “the Subject of construction can be solved in the country, I don’t even know that now mean the laws.”

Once again Solovyov called the residents of the city of demons and lashed out at Yeltsin center, which was called “the temple”.

The radio host also noted that the experience of the Ekaterinburg protest as the recipe will be used by the opposition for their actions.

Recall that in Ekaterinburg in the next few days passed spontaneous protest actions in protection of the Park near the drama Theatre, where I want to build a temple. Due to mass protests, the authorities announced a “freeze” of construction, the municipality is now collecting proposals of citizens on alternative sites for religious object. The poll showed that 74% of citizens think the Park near the Drama theatre a bad place to build a temple.

Vladimir Solovyov, commenting on the events in Ekaterinburg on the radio “Vesti FM”, called supporters of the Park by demons: “And this city where demons still walk and walk, this city, destroyed the temple and not to restore this city have shown themselves to be demons again. The heirs of those demons satisfied and now your coven” he said.

Subsequently, during another radio Solovyov continued to insult the supporters of the parkland. The issue was entitled: “Chase and will drive out demons!” Solovyov read a review from a reader, and then began to shout: “Come to Eburg, you, hell, chase!”

Earlier it became known that on Solovyov by on the Yekaterinburg-“demons” filed a complaint to the police the inhabitant of Yekaterinburg Yevgeny Chudnovets. In addition, regarding scandalous remarks of the presenter intends to apply to the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation well-known Yekaterinburg lawyer Andrew Belianske.

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