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Colonial mindset

Колониальное мышление

We have raised a lost generation: 44% of young people from big cities want to go abroad. Whatever do not engage in demagoguery of government and sociology, from the truth of life is not to leave: the colonial economy, when taken out all the sweet roots, in exchange for bitter and inedible tops, encourages young men, contemplating life, looking for roots. Where leaking every blessing – to think and people to escape. There is a big difference between rushing in the United States of Latin American migrants and the Russians, thinking to skedaddle to Europe. The configuration of financial flows design and configuration migration preferences. In the world there are areas where a lot to pay for an easy job. And the zone where low pay for hard. Man begins to dream, “though the carcass, though the pig” to get from robbing the colony, which destroyed all life-support systems where flock stolen from the periphery of the flow of colonial wealth.

44% of young people from major cities would like to leave for permanent residence abroad. This was stated by the sociologist and head of the Department of applied sociological research of Levada center Denis Volkov on December 9 Yeltsin Center during a debate, “do not leave to remain. Young people in the city”, the correspondent of IA Red Spring.

As told to Volkov, 44% of young people in major Russian cities want to go abroad to live, 55% — rather no, 1% is difficult to answer. Among the youth of major cities in Belarus and Ukraine who want to leave is even higher — 59% and 56%, respectively. In General, Russia does not want to remain in the country only 14% of young people.

Among the main reasons of leaving of young Russians call a high quality of life abroad, the unstable economic situation in the country and the desire to provide children with a decent future. Similar responses gives the Belarusian and Ukrainian youth.

A study by the Levada center also found that only 31% of young people in large cities look to the future of the country quietly, with confidence. Only 5% of young people feel that they can really influence the situation in the country, and only 8% — on the situation in the city. Among the countries for which Russia could be an example, young people choose in the first place Germany (26%), China (21%) and USA (16%).

Doctor of sociology Yelena Pryamikova had been held in 2016 poll. According to him, in Ekaterinburg plan to stay only one in three graduate schools (35%) and less than half of all College graduate (42%). At the same time, every third graduate has not yet decided what he will do after graduation.

We will remind, on December 7, 2018 about problems of Russian youth said at the Congress of “United Russia”. According to a member of the Central headquarters of the Young Guard “United Russia” Yulia liovochkina Peregudova, young people have “trend for self-development,” “request for fairness and justice, request for an open Internet, without restrictions and prohibitions.”

And in November of 2018, the head of the Department of youth policy of the Sverdlovsk region Olga Glatskikh told the social worker that the “state you should not do”.

The leadership of our country for more than 25 years and are unable to offer young people the way of the future and real social security. For what the young man needs to stay in the country? In order to receive the salary in 20 thousand roubles, and to hear that the state didn’t ask his parents to give birth? For the sake of every day to go to a shabby public transport and look at the house with cracked plaster? But we have the Internet and Hollywood movies. My God, everything is beautiful, stylish and dynamic!

You can stay in the country to make it better. But as shown by survey data, young people do not feel that the power to make an impact. And no high ideals that have been persuaded not to look for where the grass is greener. Why grub and to increase the wealth of the country? They were used to Chubais and Medvedev, and the veterans continued to rot in old sheds?

This problem cannot be solved by pouring money on the youth policy of the Federal budget. To the young people wanted to stay in Russia, we need to radically change the country’s direction.

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