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Collision of trains under Khmelnytsky: new details

Столкновение поездов под Хмельницком: новые подробностиThe red light is ignored the driver of the cargo train.

Large railway accident occurred in Khmelnytsky on the station Negin.

They faced freight and passenger trains.

Nearly a hundred schoolchildren of Kiev, who went from the capital in Kamianets-Podilskyi, have experienced fear, trauma and many hours of sitting in a stationary train. “At first we just started shaking, three seconds again, and then started to shake all”, – eyewitnesses tell. From their words, from the top shelf fell down things, and those who stood, got. Children recognized that it was very scary. “We were just sitting on the bottom, if we are sitting on top without straps – it would be tough. There fell the mattresses, got everything, all the cups shattered, tea – boiling water on the child resulted. We cut the sausage and Vlad dropped the knife,” say the passengers who survived the accident. “In the first car in General was the panic,” – says the teacher Nadezhda Dmitrenko.

Two friends from the first car was just in the bathroom. “I jumped at the tap, and when the sudden movement, I tore it and his forehead broke the glass – the mirror” – says passenger trains Bogdan Lihomanova. First of all children transplanted in the last wagons, and after two hours at the local school buses, which are already delivered to Kamianets-Podilskyi.

Ten passengers had to be hospitalized with injuries, but soon the seven were released, and they continued the tour. There are only two women and a girl. “Suspected closed abdominal trauma. In our Department, is a woman with a fracture of the tibia requiring surgical treatment,” explained the attendant trauma Kamyanets-Podilsky city hospital Paul Kuzniak. Nelia Popova broke her leg during the evacuation. It has been ten years in the PTA and every time he accompanies his daughter in such trips. “Get down there much, and the pebbles let’s go,” said the victim.

In the next room with the passengers are the driver and the assistant of a freight train. They do not tell, but according to investigators, these two ignored red light of a semaphore. Shunting diesel locomotive with 17 cars of gravel somehow missed the passenger train, which was traveling towards. “He carried out with career flow of cars on the track, has violated the traffic light, left on main path, for turning left passenger train. There was little time to stop the train, so was done hitting,” says the Director of the South Western railway Gregory gudgeon.

The driver of a passenger train, which was travelling at about 70 km/h, noticed the locomotive and started braking sharply.

The collision could not be avoided, but if not the reaction of the driver – the consequences could be more tragic. All day after the incident, the railroad workers cleared the scene of the accident. Tonight I plan to let the first train through this section.

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