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Collectors terrorize the Kiev school for someone else’s debt

Коллекторы терроризируют киевскую школу из-за чужого долгаThe Director and teachers are threatened.

Kiev specialized school. Ivan Crimson No. 148 blackmails collection Agency. The reason for terror were the money that son of a schoolteacher allegedly owed to one of the capital of credit unions.

“Only that school is ringing with the number 096 406-93-05 unknown man, was presented by Constantine. And says that stigmatized one of our teachers because her son supposedly have some kind of credit Union 2600 UAH. On my request to introduce themselves, name names and organizations refused to answer”, — said the Director of the school Sergei Gorbachev.

After the call, he immediately called the police and left a message about the blackmail. In just a few minutes the call was repeated, but this time unknown to said Mat and promised to “mix school shit”. The whole conversation took place with the witnesses, and Gorbachev had recorded it on tape. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

However, this call was not the last. Now the school is literally “pluck” and the mate demanding the return of the debt that belongs to an unrelated person.

Later, Gorbachev added that such amazing work methods demonstrates the capital collection Agency “Concord”, which does not run the school, terrorizing teachers, and constantly demands money. In the comments people add that to the “Concord” intimidation “debtors” — the usual method of operation.

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