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“Collector of bones” will become a series

One of the most famous suspense novels of Jeffrey Diver , “The Bone Collector” will receive a TV adaptation at NBC. The book was published under the title “Collector of bones” and “the Power of fear”. The latter has stuck because of the eponymous film adaptation of the 1999 Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie in the lead roles. The Director Phillip Noyce was very fit police Thriller; I wonder what will come out of TV?

About the plot:

“A true forensic scientist is a person akin to the creators of the Renaissance”. This is a Lincoln rhyme is a genius in the field of forensics. An accident confined him to a wheelchair bed, but almost complete immobility does not prevent him to solve the tricky puzzles in apprehending criminals. The police once again appeals to the rhyme’s for help. In new York there is a murderer, nicknamed, the bone Collector, acting with refined cruelty. He throws up at the crime scene, key evidence, which encode the future scenario of the murder. The Lincoln rhyme with his partner Amelia Sachs comes to grips with the bone Collector, and it is first of all a duel of wits.

The series will be developed by Universal Television and Sony Pictures Television , in cooperation with Keshet Studios. The script will be written by VJ Boyd (Justified) and mark Bianculli (“Good neighbor”).

By the way, the “Collector of bones” is the first novel of a great cycle, so that the material for possible continuation and expansion of the series the guys from TV in prosperity.

The release date of the show is not yet known.

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