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Collective Putin

Коллективный Путин

Today Russian discussion simple as boots. What are we talking about? What do we write about?

Go? Will not go away? What is the transit? It is the transition to Vladimir Putin in a new role or a new “Putin”? Then who will it be? But if Putin remains, how — through the state Council of the Union state with Belarus, or another trick? Guessing on this “Daisy” has become a national hobby. However, the world is wondering: “If you don’t leave, what…”
Show completely…

Russia dissolved in Putin. The impression is that of a complex social organism of Russia into a single-celled creature whose life depends on the answer to the question – “go-no go?”

Obsession of the elite — and system — searching for an answer that does not carry a new meaning of political and intellectual stupor. Failure to seek a solution to the impasse outside of the autocracy. Helplessness and hopelessness.

“Go-not go?” is humiliating not only for the nation but for the leader who is already deprived of the chance to impress and has no drive for the mission.

Obsession with Putin leads us, first, on the question of collective group responsibility for the formation of the current government; secondly, difficult to understand its logic and consequences.

Director Vitaly Mansky with the film “Putin’s Witnesses” back in the Russian debate the question of the architects of the system in which we have the pleasure to rot (see comments Boris Vishnevsky and Igor Yakovenko). Many of those who would like this story about the roots to forget… in the meantime, today’s autocracy built exactly the Yeltsin team, which is trying to secure himself a “roof”, creating a conservative regime led by strongman. Moreover, that was not supposed to doubt its function. So the trajectory of Russia was determined even before the arrival of Putin to the Kremlin.

However, the power “vertical” began to be erected even earlier, when in 1993, after the shooting of the Parliament were written and edited by Yeltsin’s Constitution, enshrining a monopoly of power in the hands of the President. The powers of the Russian President are the envy of any Soviet General Secretary. Whoever came to the Kremlin instead of Putin, he already had a tool in the hands of the usurpation of power.

The current “putinian” raised another question: on the logic of autocracy. It is unclear to what extent this logic is aware of Putin. The logic is brutal: the owner of absolute resource sooner or later becomes a hostage to its own “vertical”. He becomes a hostage of those it protects. Those who informs you. Those who prepare the decisions to him. Those broadcasts his thoughts. Those who feeds him, finally.

So it was with all holders of autocracy. Each of them were finished as a hostage and at the same time as the victim of reality. The dramatic story not only for those who were under the authority of the autocracy. But to the media.

Here Putin leaves. And it will go and his closest circle. It is inevitable — their collective care will be the legitimization of the new authorities, which will draw people’s support in the overthrow of the old rulers. And what we will see when we finish the third act of this play? Totally demoralized and helpless elite that only knows how to serve “vertical”. And he has no other!

It turns out that the solution to the “problem of Putin” — not the most difficult thing. What to do with 2 million 200 thousand civil servants, who are accustomed to function in the corrupt environment? What to do with 5 million security forces, imprisoned repression? What to do with the experts in programmed maintenance of power? What to do with the intellectuals, parasitic in the Kremlin’s advice and “tents”? What to do with “artists” begging the government, as Andron Konchalovsky, “landmark”?

To all of them to do? Where to get those who are the scum can replace? And can we trust those who are trying to dissociate themselves from their complicity and responsibility, hoping for a role in the new scenario? After all, they have only service experience “vertical”.

And we are all about Putin….

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