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Collected in “DNR” buses ridiculed in the Network

Собранные в «ДНР» автобусы высмеяли в СетиCommentators ridiculed the questionable ability of militants.

In the temporarily uncontrolled by the Ukrainian government Makeyevka (Donetsk region) made fun of “the collected DNI” passenger buses. Write about it in social networks.

“Collectors e-may… Even the letters are not kept. Following that the wheels fly off? Makeyevka”, — stated in the message.

The author of the post also posted a photo of one of these buses, which really has quite unpresentable appearance: from the logo came off of the letters.

In the comments to the post Makeyevka residents write:

“Sho they are glued,the glue of local flood too?))Can ATB buy okuenny glue for UAH.8-10, a tube is enough to glue the letter for ages,then strike while you puke”.

“And suddenly it’s coming out DRG letter torn to sun Zach*icenko annoy”.

“The glue is also because of the curb came. They have there cocks molded from it yet.”

“Already scary , when you think that there is a tram will be.”

Собранные в «ДНР» автобусы высмеяли в Сети

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