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Cold up: what is the problem

Простуда «на ногах»: в чем опасность Many of us don’t know why influenza cannot be transferred to the legs, and even the common cold, go to work.

Many of us are runny nose, sneezing and sore throat are forced to go to the doctor and take sick leave? Unfortunately, such conscious suffering very little.

Basically, we move the cold on his feet. And in vain, because such a frivolous attitude towards their health are fraught with unpleasant consequences both for us and for others.

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You think the cold – case is insignificant, but not all of the same opinion. Most of the people with whom you come in contact with, not in awe of meeting some of your microbes. Someone at home with small children, someone elderly parents. They may be much more acute response to infection. Sharp period and it usually lasts 3-5 days, better spend at home, in bed.

A full recovery is only possible provided that you adhere to all recommendations of the doctor. One of the most important factors is rest and bed rest. The body needs to mobilize all forces, to send them to fight off viruses and bacteria. If, instead, you continue to go to work, nervous, stressed, don’t expect a speedy recovery. The disease can become in a sluggish condition and at the first opportunity, will flash with new force. And this time the treatment will be much more difficult.

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