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Cold hands and feet can be a symptom of a dangerous disease

Холодные руки и ноги могут быть симптомом опасной болезниDo not ignore this symptom.

If your hands and feet go numb and freeze at the slightest cold, so your health something wrong.

The reasons may be different, and one worse than the other. But we believe that it is our responsibility to warn you!

1. Anemia.

Cold in the extremities often feel people of low growth: so work their thyroid gland. But if lately you feel cold more often than usual, perhaps your body lacks iron. Lean red meat, liver and fish.

2. Diabetes or hypertension.

These diseases also has a major impact on the blood vessels of the body. Because of them, “peripheral” parts of the body receive enough blood. And this leads to a sudden temperature change in the hands and feet.

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3. Raynaud’s Disease.

This problem is more common for women than for men. In short, it limits the ability of capillaries of our body to receive blood and to supply the skin with it.

What you need to do to these alarming symptoms are never repeated?

Here are the most obvious preventive measures:

1. Leg warmers or gloves.

Wear them more often. They will give you a feeling of warmth, you’ll be able to avoid unpleasant tingling in the body. And over time, the feeling of warmth will help the body to better disperse the blood in all its areas.

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2. A way of life.

It will have to change. If you are experiencing signs of anemia, avoid these two dangerous things: alcohol and caffeine.

Finally, you can try to make your body stronger. It helps. So sign up to the gym.

3. Alternatives herbal.

You can drink infusions of various useful herbs. The greatest joy for the circulatory system deliver Cayenne pepper, peppermint, anise, parsnip root and Ginkgo biloba. They both generate heat and help to warm.

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