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Coach Halle berry revealed details of her fitness programme

Halle Berry

As you know, the 51-year-old Halle berry documents his journey to a perfect body and spirit in your Instagram account. Recently, the star has begun to make fitness Friday (#FitnessFriday) and now regularly shares with subscribers of the sports councils. For the transformation of the body berry is the responsibility of her coach — Peter Lee Thomas, who recently told reporters about the sports program stars, her incredible endurance and dislike of Jogging.

Peter reported that he and Holly see each other five times a week and each of their joint training similar to military training. The star coach also mentioned about the favorite exercises of the actress, highlighting her endurance:

She loves to train glutes and legs. She likes to work and over the top: doing push-UPS. I don’t think there is such push-UPS, which she can’t do.

If you believe the words of Thomas, Halle berry prefers to run sprints, because this way you can accelerate the metabolism, to maintain healthy joints and do not hurt knees:

We stay away from Jogging long distances. Holly not really a marathoner — not to say that she would not be able to do this, but we are trying to do increases metabolism exercise.

Peter also mentioned about love to the female martial arts: Boxing, Thai Boxing and kickboxing. When it went on the recommended eating plan for the actress, Peter shared that the berry adheres to the ketogenic diet according to his recommendations: that is the basis of the diet of the star is fat, moderate in protein and low in carbohydrates.

Halle berry can say, forced to life to follow a proper diet and to watch what she eats, because early childhood is diabetic. But there is another side of the coin: thanks to its strictly-organized life style Holly can afford to show a chiseled figure in skimpy outfits and look much younger than their years.

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