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CNN: part of the dirt on trump confirmed by the intelligence agencies

CNN: Часть компромата на Трампа подтверждена спецслужбамиThe information obtained applies to “conversations between officials in Russia.”

American intelligence agencies first got confirmation of some of the information in the so-called dossier on the alleged collection of Moscow compromising information on Donald trump, which is now the President of the United States.

With such a statement issued on Friday, the broadcaster CNN, citing sources in the US intelligence community. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

She said that they received new information “does not refer to the obscene charges” in the dossier, but for the “dozens of conversations between officials in Russia and Russians”. The sources refused to disclose the CNN of the topic and the content, dates and participants which, according to them, coincide with those described in the dossier. This was possible based on the study of data interception of telephone and other conversations, says CNN.

This TV earlier in January, citing information allegedly obtained from U.S. officials, reported that spacefire in new York, leaders of the American raspadaemost acquainted with trump’s alleged evidence of the presence of Russian intelligence agencies have information of a personal and financial nature, defamatory elected President of the United States.
According to CNN, during a briefing to President-elect sought to demonstrate that Moscow was collecting incriminating information about members of the two leading political parties of the United States, however, deliberately made public only with regard to Democrat, former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

A Republican called the subject of the dossier and publications “fraud and a total political witch hunt”. Press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer on Friday on the request by CNN to comment on the new information stated: “Reports on CNN fabricated news continue to cause us disgust”.

Later the WSJ reported that the author of the so-called secret file is Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd. She is based in London, staffed mainly by former employees of British intelligence and performs delicate orders from private firms.

Director of national intelligence James Clapper stated that this dossier was not compiled by us intelligence agencies. He reported that on January 11 he and trump had a conversation on January 6, held closed briefings that were dedicated committed during the electoral campaign of cyber attacks attributed to Russia. The special Committee of the Senate of the U.S. Congress on intelligence refused to investigate contained in the dossier “speculation about contacts” between the election headquarters trump and Russia.

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